Belden Namah

Suspension of PNGDF Commander unsound, says Namah

Namah said suspending the strategic leadership of the Force for a tactical training mishap that caused injuries and fatalities appears to be based on very poor advice'. 

In a statement issued last Friday announcing the suspension of PNGDF Commander, Major General Mark Goina, Prime Minister said: “The Commander's suspension is to allow the General Board Of Inquiry into the incident to take place with Independence and Integrity, and also to safe guard the dignity of the Commander.” 

Namah stated that this is all superficial. 

Namah commends US Agreement

He stated it was the best agreement the country has ever signed.

“I’d like to highly commend Prime Minister James Marape for the partnership between PNG and USA agreement. While my committee the Permanent Parliament Committee for Foreign Affairs International Trade Immigration and Defence didn’t have a preview for this agreement by just looking at it and following Prime minister on the statement I believe this is the best agreement that our country has ever entered into.

Namah calls for Minister Tkatchenko’s resignation

Namah is the Chairman of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Immigrations and Defence and takes this stance on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Minister Tkatchenko is reported to have told the ABC Pacific Beat that Papua New Guineans who responded furiously to a TikTok video posted by his daughter Savannah were “useless people” and “primitive animals”.

Namah Calls for Investigation

“I call upon Prime Minister and Tari Pori MP, James Marape to explain the lapse in the security which has seen the fraudulent diversion of sensitive election materials in Enga, Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces. This is happening under his watch and he must explain why this is carried out in the three provinces where his voters are directly domicile in or share borders with.’

Namah Commends Paita

“This is exemplary leadership from Paita. He has pledged himself on oath to never bring into disrepute or public ridicule the good name and reputation of the offices of the Member for Finschhafen and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring,” Namah said.

Meantime, Namah confirmed that he has laid a police complaint against Paita, on evidence presented on social media that the former Minister was seen discharging a military issued high-powered weapon.

Pape Clarifies Misleading Claims

Pape, a member of the Certified Fraud Examiner (American Association) and a Certified Practicing Accountant PNG in a statement singled out that he was recommended by the development partners and donors to review the Covid-19 Funds considering he is one of the few top forensic investigation experts operating in PNG.

He said he has no issues with Namah’s referral of the case to the courts, however, the manner in which the information was laid out was improper and that he was merely the “scapegoat”.

He wishes to clear the air and put the record straight.

Court Quash Namah’s application

They ruled that the Speaker did not deprive Members of Parliament their right to move and debate the motion of no confidence as the motion remained alive and could be lawfully dealt with when Parliament resumed on 20th of April.

Namah in his submissions said Speaker Job Pomat’s decision to adjourn the case to 20th of April 2021 from the December 2020 Parliament sitting was in breach of section 111 and 115 of the Constitution.

Namah urges Govt to close isolation facilities

Namah said placing COVID-19 patients in isolation facilities is driving fear and depression in the minds of the patients and could cause complications which could lead to death. He recommends that the patients should be sent home to self-isolate.

“COVID-19 has no medicinal cure, so what is the point of isolating COVID-19 patients. We admit patients to the ward because doctors and nurses can treat them,” said Namah.  

COVID-19 acquittals needed

Namah said large amounts of money were released, and need to be acquitted.

He challenged the Prime Minister to make public details of the COVID-19 operations.

“He must publish acquittals (accounts and details) and account for the first K24 million, the K600 million roll out, the K1.2 billion soft loan from Australia and all subsequent gifts, grants and loans,” the Opposition Leader said.

Namah calls for immediate suspension of Astrozeneca vaccine rollout

Namah made the call as almost all countries of Europe halted rollout of this particular vaccine on initial reports of side effects.

Most European countries, except England which produced this vaccine, have halted vaccinations on early reports of blood clotting.

Namah said if Marape insisted on the rollout, him and his front bench cabinet ministers and their families must get vaccinated first.