Rainbo Paita

Paita thanks Kundiawa hospital team

He thanked Father Jaworski and Dr Kaupa Upa for the successful surgery and appreciated the supportive atmosphere during his week-long stay. 

Despite missing Christmas with family, Paita found it a "blessing in disguise," vowing to address healthcare challenges. 

Minister Paita extended his season's greetings and distributed gifts to staff and patients. He was visited by the Health Minister Dr Lino Tom who announced a funding of  K15 million for the extension of the Kundiawa Hospital theatre ward. 

Hope for CIMC

CIMC were on the verge of shutting its doors. They stated that accessing funds earmarked for the organization in the 2023 National Budget has become truly cumbersome, leaving the organization no option but to fold.

However, it is not yet over. CIMC updated that the Department of National Planning and Monitoring upon learning of the decision for closure has prioritized to secure funding for the independent mechanism that develops policies, directly influences and monitors government decision making.

Paita seeks second opinion

He posed questions to the Minister for Finance & Planning, Rainbo Paita regarding the outcomes following the alleged hacking. He was informed by then Minister for Finance & Planning, John Pundari that the matter had been handed over to the National Intelligence Organization (NIO) to investigate.

Juffa said, “It’s been one year, some of us are still having these IFMS issues in our provinces and we would like to know, what has been done since the NIO has been tasked to investigate the alleged hacking of the IFMS system.

Paita Thanks People For Mandate

The PANGU Pati candidate polled 23, 504 votes, well over the absolute majority of 16, 121. 

His win pushed up Pangu to nine (9) MPs and leading in 26 other seats.

Prime Minister James Marape picked up Paita in Finschhafen on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 and flew to Wewak where PANGU and coalition partners are camping to form Government.

When addressing the media at a press conference in Wewak upon his arrival, Paita thanked Pangu for endorsing him to contest the Finschhafen seat for the second term and got re-elected for another term.

Paita signs writ

He was accompanied by Lae Member-elect, John Rosso, and a large number of supporters, who braved the downpour to witness the event.

Paita was declared at 7pm yesterday at the Finschhafen Technical School with 23,504 votes, exceeding an absolute majority of 16,121.

His runner up was Theo Zurenuoc, who polled 4,157 votes.

After signing the writ with the Returning Officer, Fredah Joses, Paita apologised on behalf of his people for creating a difficult environment for the RO and her officials.

Paita Declared

His votes exceed the absolute majority of 16,121.

Quality checks for the 5 LLGs concluded this evening at the Finschhafen Technical School hall, where it was confirmed that Paita was far ahead with a margin of 19,347 votes.

Running behind was Theo Zurenuoc with 4,157 votes.

In third place was Boas Sengi Qosec with 2,114 votes, fourth was Richard Peter Mare with 656 votes, and fifth place was Wamung Waliong with 400 votes.

Paita was not in Finschhafen when the Returning Officer, Fredah Joses, made the declaration at 7pm.

Paita Cleared, CPO Charged

However, the investigation team has found sufficient evidence to lay both administrative and criminal charges against his close protection officer, Sergeant John Bain.
“While the Member for Finschhafen has been cleared as the evidence will not support any criminal charges against Mr Paita. There is sufficient evidence to lay administrative and criminal charges against his close protection officer. 

PM Accepts Paita’s Decision

The images of which are currently being circulated on social media. 
The Prime Minister said this while acknowledging that he was in receipt of an urgent letter from the Minister who asked to "step aside as Minister for National Planning in the spirit of good leadership" on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

"I have been officially made aware of this matter. Minister Paita has written to me to explain and ask to step aside to allow investigations to clear his name.

Namah Commends Paita

“This is exemplary leadership from Paita. He has pledged himself on oath to never bring into disrepute or public ridicule the good name and reputation of the offices of the Member for Finschhafen and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring,” Namah said.

Meantime, Namah confirmed that he has laid a police complaint against Paita, on evidence presented on social media that the former Minister was seen discharging a military issued high-powered weapon.

Paita Steps Down

Paita in a statement made the announcement to step aside from his ministerial portfolio forthwith.
This comes after a video was circulated on social media as well as the mainstream media of him discharging a rifle.

"After learning from Post-Courier’s front-page report on December 13th, 2021 of the incident, I wrote to the Prime Minister advising him of my intention to step aside and allow a thorough investigation without fear or favour by the concerned authorities in the spirit of good leadership.