Namah Commends Paita

Leader of the Opposition, Belden Namah has commended the action of the first term Member of Parliament, Rainbo Paita, for taking the bold decision to step down as Minister for Planning to allow investigations to be conducted.

“This is exemplary leadership from Paita. He has pledged himself on oath to never bring into disrepute or public ridicule the good name and reputation of the offices of the Member for Finschhafen and Minister for National Planning and Monitoring,” Namah said.

Meantime, Namah confirmed that he has laid a police complaint against Paita, on evidence presented on social media that the former Minister was seen discharging a military issued high-powered weapon.

“It is clear from the video posted on-line that Paita might have committed an offence contrary to Section 7 of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 2018. Such actions may attract other criminal offences and offences under the Leadership Code.

“For the same reasons I have also referred him to the PNG Ombudsman Commission.”

Freddy Mou