Vote of no confidence

Court Quash Namah’s application

They ruled that the Speaker did not deprive Members of Parliament their right to move and debate the motion of no confidence as the motion remained alive and could be lawfully dealt with when Parliament resumed on 20th of April.

Namah in his submissions said Speaker Job Pomat’s decision to adjourn the case to 20th of April 2021 from the December 2020 Parliament sitting was in breach of section 111 and 115 of the Constitution.

Atoni Jeneral rausim oda bilong stopim mosen

Loya bilong Manase, John Griffin, i bin kisim bek dispela aplikesen aster long taim tripela Suprim Kot jas, Jastis Derek Hartshorn, Collin Makail, na Oagile Bethuel Dingake i sindaun long harim.

Long Me 15 Manase i bin redim wanpela Aplikesen long stopim Palamen na Praivet Bisnis Komiti long harim wanpela notis bilong mosen bilong vot i no gat bilip (VONCM) we Oposisen i bin kamapim long Me 7.  

Tasol Lida bilong Oposisen, Patrick Pruaitch i bin rausim pinis VONCM long Mande Me 20, wantaim James  Marape, man husat ol i redim long kisim sia bilong Praim MInista.

Stay application hearing adjourned

The adjournment was sought by lawyers representing the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament, because they were unable to get instructions from the Speaker, who is said to be in his electorate.

The Opposition, although not a party in the Supreme Court Reference, also appeared through their lawyer Justin Wohuinangu, on instructions from Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch and Shadow Attorney General Kerenga Kua.

The Opposition is not a party because earlier, their application seeking to join in the Attorney General’s Supreme Court Reference was refused by the court.

State files VoNC stay motion

With the Vote of No Confidence motion filed by Opposition on May 7, the Attorney General, Alfred Manase, filed an application to ask the court to stay the VoNC motion from progressing.

“Yesterday I filed an urgent application in the Supreme Court, seeking an order to stay the Parliament and its Committee (PBC) from entertaining or dealing with the notice of motion of no confidence until the Supreme Court makes a final determination of the Supreme Court reference, which was lodged by my predecessor on the 3rd of December, 2018.”

VoNC motion yet to be screened

Acting Parliamentary Counsel Richard Whitchurch explained this is because the Private Business Committee that screens all private business motions did not sit on Wednesday last week, because parliament was adjourned. The Committee only meets when parliament meets or convenes.

The Committee is chaired by Speaker Job Pomat, the Deputy Speaker and five other elected Members who are not ministers.

Speaker: VoNC motion filed

Speaker Job Pomat, in a press conference after the sitting, said he will now allow due process to take place.

“I have received it. When parliament meets on the 28th (May), it will look at this notice, after it goes through the process of the Private Business Committee,” Pomat said.

He explained that Parliament may not necessarily vote on the 28th but with the motion notice given yesterday afternoon, this will go for the notice paper when parliament next meets.

Timeline of PNG’s VONC

Section 145 of the Constitution has provision for motions of no confidence against any Minister; in this case the Prime Minister.

According to Section 145 of the Constitution, the Vote of No Confidence motion is moved during the 18 months commencing on the date of the appointment of the Prime Minister.

This motion is moved by any member of parliament against the Prime Minister, and must be supported by a number of members of Parliament being not less than one-tenth of the total number of seats in the House; at least 12 members of parliament must support the motion.

Directions hearing for VoNC

The special Supreme Court reference went for directions hearing today before Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Any parties interested in joining or intervening in the Special Supreme Court reference have until 21 March to file their respective applications, seeking to join in the reference.

Lawyers acting for the Speaker of Parliament, Clark of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Pruaitch, appeared in court today, along with councils representing the referrer of special Supreme Court reference, Attorney General Steven Davis.

Govt is intact: Duma

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments, William Duma, says the current Government remains confident they will survive a Vote of No Confidence.

“The Government is intact and we have the numbers. The Prime Minister enjoys the support of the majority of the numbers,” Duma stated.

Vote of no confidence to be held today in Niue

The Rock's four-day working week and a $2 million budget deficit are among concerns behind the motion.

Five opposition MPs say their concerns around essential services have fallen on deaf ears with the lengthy absences of Premier Talagi on medical grounds.

Opposition MP Terry Coe says he understands the Premier's health is not the best, but it's affecting the running of the country.