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VoNC motion yet to be screened

Acting Parliamentary Counsel Richard Whitchurch explained this is because the Private Business Committee that screens all private business motions did not sit on Wednesday last week, because parliament was adjourned. The Committee only meets when parliament meets or convenes.

The Committee is chaired by Speaker Job Pomat, the Deputy Speaker and five other elected Members who are not ministers.

Opposition calls for urgent Parliament session

They are urging the Government to put more emphasis on the relief work on emergency services that the people need right now in the affected provinces.

In a press conference today in Port Moresby, the Opposition strong man and former Prime minister, and Moresby Northwest MP Sir Mekere Morauta, said it is pointless for the government to predetermine how much it will spent during this disaster.

He said the Government must gathered all its information on the disaster before coming up with a relief assistance.

MP’s urged to work together

Speaking to the MP’s during Day Two of the National Parliament Induction Programme, Lupari said the country is currently faced by many problems covering many facets which include social and economical.

He said it was imperative now more than ever that all MPs were n cooperation to address those problems.

Lupari also highlighted the need for more connectivity between the Government and the public service.

He said he has witnessed a gradual decline in interaction which has resulted in lack of service delivery.

A look at what will happen this Wednesday in parliament

This is the procedure in which the 10th Parliament sitting will follow;

The National Parliament Clerk will make a statement and proceed on to reading the National Gazette notice calling parliament to meet.

Then the Sergeant-at-Arms will announce the arrival of Chief Justice and conducts (directs) him to the Speaker's chair.  

Court refuses bid to stay amendment debate

This comes after arguments were put before a three-man Supreme Court bench on February 27.

A unanimous decision from that bench was delivered today by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

The court was of the view that serious issues were raised by the Ombudsman in the application over the proposed amendments however there was no evidence or proper material before the court, of those who will be affected by the proposed amendments.

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Signatures on no-confidence motion to be checked

The signatures on the motion for the vote of no-confidence (VONC) against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will have its authenticity confirmed.


HB Case: Empty shell matches weapon

Parliament sitting adjourned to March 2016

The adjournment comes as the Opposition led by its leader Don Polye filed for the second time a motion for a Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The adjournment effectively dashes any hope of the Opposition to test the confidence of the members of parliament in the Prime Minister through a vote on the floor of parliament.

Yesterday the government for the first time in many years broke parliamentary  tradition by passing the National Budget the same day as it was handed down.

​ O’Neill clarifies about ‘millionaires’

He was responding  to questions without notice from the deputy opposition leader Sam Basil who asked him to name the politicians who became overnight millionaires as mentioned in his press conference on Monday.

Responding to Basil’s questions, O’Neill said “unlike many ministers in the past who have no businesses and other form of incomes but able to have properties, cars and opportunities in which they are not able to justify their income”.

He explained that that is what he was referring to in the press conference.