MP’s urged to work together

Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari, has called on members of Parliament to work together to address the challenges faced by the country.

Speaking to the MP’s during Day Two of the National Parliament Induction Programme, Lupari said the country is currently faced by many problems covering many facets which include social and economical.

He said it was imperative now more than ever that all MPs were n cooperation to address those problems.

Lupari also highlighted the need for more connectivity between the Government and the public service.

He said he has witnessed a gradual decline in interaction which has resulted in lack of service delivery.

Day Two of the programme will involve presentations from the Head of various Government Departments to highlight their roles.

Day One involved parliamentary Service Presentations and external presentations from the Ombudsman Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Constitutional Law Reform Commission (CLRC) and Transparency International PNG.

Cedric Patjole