HB Shooting

Investigations under Crimes Directorate to continue

This was the assurance given by the director of crimes Moses Ibsagi who told PNG Loop that his officers will still continue in their duties on outstanding cases that they are working on.

Ibsagi says that it is business as usual and says that the Directorate of crimes goes about carrying out its mandated duties as investigating officers.

Meantime, Assistant police commissioner of Crimes Victor Isouve says that all investigations including the main Hanuabada and Payroll fraud cases are continuing.

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Signatures on no-confidence motion to be checked


The signatures on the motion for the vote of no-confidence (VONC) against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will have its authenticity confirmed.


HB Case: Empty shell matches weapon

HB shooting: Police warn against hidden agenda’s

Director of crimes, Moses Ibsagi tells PNG Loop that the police have been working with the immediate family of the two deceased men Nicholas Rarua and Toka Gaudi as well as several other key witnesses.

He says that despite the ongoing critics as well as the complaints about the work that is being carried by his officers the families of the two men that were shot have maintained a close working relationship with them.

New evidence: HB shooters location may have been different

Acting Director of Crimes Moses Ibsagi tells PNG Loop that this evidence led to his team of four officers along with seven forensics officers to go over the initial shooting ground again today.

This morning Ibsagi led the team of 11 into the Hanuabad village to go over the site with metal detectors to see if the new suspected site has any bullet fragments that could have been left behind after the fatal shootings.

Ibsagi says that that his personnel have also bagged samples from the new site to go over as evidence.

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Vision City shut down after crime scare


The Vision City mall is on lock down mode as security personnel and police are there to carry a sweep of the mall.


VC management: Robbery scare based on tip-off

New claim on Hanuabada shootings

Acting Director of Crimes Moses Ibsagi revealed this claiming this has frustrated efforts of the team and  has shed light on police to tighten up on the current parameters of the case.

He adds that so far the 24 police officers  will have to be re-interviewed while his team have completed 15 statements from villager with more anticipated to come in.

Ibsagi said so far the team has been working to re-establish the case work and commends the teams  efforts  and  the cooperation of villagers who have been assisting police.

AKay47 releases new single ‘Courage’

‘Courage’ is a collaboration featuring one of the country’s top female artists, Alyson Joyce.

The new single is a dance track that has a unique message and story behind it and was recently recorded at his home studio in Port Moresby.