Isaac Lupari

“Clarify Status Of P’nyang PRL3”

Mr Lupari said the P'nyang PRL3 had expired five years ago and to date the Government through the Petroleum Advisory Board (PAB) has not made any decision. 

“Why is the PAB and the Government sitting on it? The good Minister and the Government know that the APDL lodged by ExxonMobil in haste failed all the requirements, both technical and commercial, under the Oil and Gas Act,” he said. 

Mr Lupari added that it is now incumbent upon the PAB and the Government to do is what is right in accordance with the Law. 

‘Public servants will stay out of politics’

In a statement, Lupari described the antics of a few opposition members, telling people to boycott the economy, as self-serving.

“I do not want to see any public servants involved in this politics in any way, as this would be in breach of the Public Service Act and their employment conditions.

“This government has been very fair to all public servants making sure that all entitlements and long overdue benefits are addressed adequately and continues to do so.

“This nonsense is not a strike about an industrial issue, but a soapbox for self-serving politicians.

PNG is ready: Lupari

Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari, when addressing hundreds of APEC staff and officials at the International Convention Centre, confidently said PNG is ready to deliver the 3rd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM3) and related meetings after having successfully delivered SOMs 1&2.

Chief Secretary told APEC staff that many people doubted that PNG was ready and able to host APEC in 2018.

PNG will deliver beyond expectations: Lupari

Lupari said hosting of APEC would provide a greater opportunity for PNG to promote and market its investment destination.

In a debriefing of 2nd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM2) and Related Meetings recently, Lupari expressed his gratitude towards all the Government agencies that have taken lead during SOM2 and urged them to continue to work together in delivering APEC 2018.

Disaster assessment teams dispatched: Lupari

Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari said: “The National Disaster Centre is working with provincial authorities to assess any damage and impacts on service delivery in the area.

“The Papua New Guinea Defence Force has also been mobilised to assist with the assessment and the delivery of assistance to affected people as well as the restoration of services and infrastructure.

“Information will be provided as this is made available from assessment teams in the area.

Deliver more on revenue collection: Lupari

He told the Customs officers on November 20 that the successful delivery of the 2018 budget is in the hands of PNG Customs and Internal Revenue Commission (IRC).

“The Government wouldn’t have delivered its policies, programs and basic services to our people if you and IRC did not deliver the projected revenue in the 2018 money plan,” stated Lupari.

“You and IRC are the most important Government agencies in the public service. 

Lupari challenges young tax collectors

He made the statement during another visit to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) today.

Lupari reiterated his message to the young staffers that the IRC was the most important organisation in PNG and its effectiveness in collecting revenue will realise the country’s development aspirations.

In his third visit to the IRC this year, the Chief Secretary wanted to specifically meet the younger generation of IRC staff.

Lupari gives assurance on public servants wages

He clarified that there’s no delays on salaries as Government payroll system pays on Thursdays every two weeks and not on Mondays.

Lupari was responding to a question from this newsroom about the public servants salaries.

However, Lupari said all public servants got paid on time which on a Thursday and not on a Monday.

“I got paid, so as my staff. Which public servants haven’t got paid?”

He further added that many public servants are not budgeting their salaries well and ended up using all their money.

VIDEO: Dept Heads meet

Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari, met with them at the State Function room to go over important details towards the 20-18 national budget, and how implementation will unfold for each sector in achieving the new Accord.


Salome Vincent with more 

MP’s urged to work together

Speaking to the MP’s during Day Two of the National Parliament Induction Programme, Lupari said the country is currently faced by many problems covering many facets which include social and economical.

He said it was imperative now more than ever that all MPs were n cooperation to address those problems.

Lupari also highlighted the need for more connectivity between the Government and the public service.

He said he has witnessed a gradual decline in interaction which has resulted in lack of service delivery.