APEC 2018

Minister outlines lack of visibility in APEC spending

This is why the Finance Department does not have full visibility of APEC expenses.

When giving an update, Police Minister Bryan Kramer further said a consultant going by the name of David Johnson, engaged under the former APEC CEO, has all the spreadsheet records of the APEC report.

“Which Finance is awaiting,” the Minister said.

“And Finance had planned to engage an independent accounting firm, in the likes of Deloitte and KPMG, to carry out and complete that report. That was the last information I got.

Stolen APEC vehicle recovered

The vehicle was at a private residence in Gerehu in the National Capital District.

It is black in colour with the registration BFM 646.

Police say the vehicle was stolen on 8th February 2019 at the Ela Motors Waigani showroom and hidden at a private residence at Gerehu Stage One (1), Cahuna street until it was recovered by the PPTF.

It was towed to Gordon’s Police station for investigations and returned to Ela Motors.

Suspects involved in the theft are known and the investigating team is working around the clock to locate and arrest them.

APEC CEO refutes ‘missing vehicles’ articles

He made the statement today after reports of missing APEC cars spread like wildfire throughout the international community.

Foreign media outlets recently quoted the State Asset Recovery Unit of the Royal PNG Constabulary, saying police are seeking the return of nearly 300 imported cars loaned to officials during November’s APEC Summit.  

In response, Chris Hawkins said in a recent correspondence with the police commissioner, they have established that only one vehicle cannot be located. Initially they were unable to recover four vehicles.

Police unit created to recover APEC assets

The Department of Finance has requested the assistance of Police in the recovery of assets purchased over the last three years leading up to and including the APEC Leaders’ Summit in November 2018.

The state asset recovery exercise will come under the command of Superintendent Dennis Corcoran, Director of Police Transport.

APEC Minister on outstanding allowance issue

His statement follows reports of PNG Defence Force soldiers and police officers gathering yesterday at the Sir Manasupe Haus for their outstanding payment.

“The responsibility to pay the allowances for these joint security forces is a job of the commissioner of police,” Minister Justin Tkatchenko said.

“He has been given the funding, as of last year, and this year, to pay all the allowances necessary to those that worked during APEC for security.

PM responds to APEC cost query

He was asked by Moresby North-West MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, to clarify the extravagant spending and huge cost of hosting APEC last November, which the Opposition claimed was about K5 billion.

In response, the PM said: “How in the world would we be spending K5 billion when our own annual budget is around K11 or K12 billion?

“He’s just ridiculous, Mr Speaker. Ridiculous. Very unbecoming of leaders to just suggest and make up stories,” said O’Neill amidst loud protests from the Opposition.

Finance confirms outstanding APEC allowances, payments

When asked by journalists, Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan confirmed that some allowances and payments are still outstanding, hence they have asked the APEC Authority to compile a list.

“We want to know exactly how much is outstanding so that we can seek some funding through the budgetary process,” Ngangan said.

He highlighted that the planned public tender of APEC assets and vehicles is an income-generation exercise.

Return APEC vehicles: Finance Secretary

In a press briefing today, Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan said those still in possession of motor vehicles and assets have to return them before the deadline.

“Any assets that still remain outside of this team after the date will be deemed illegal and stolen,” stated Ngangan.

“I’ve just given directions to the Department of Finance officers who are in possession of APEC assets, and the APEC Authority, to surrender all the assets immediately before Thursday.

“The same applies to everyone. No one is exempted from this request.”

K9bn worth of commitments after APEC: Report

PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational professional services network that focuses on audit and assurance, says at least K9bn worth of signed deals and projects were promised for PNG after November’s international summit.

This is K7 billion more than the estimated expenditure of hosting APEC.

APEC drivers, support staff yet to be paid

The 200 drivers and 500 support staff played vital roles in the preparation and hosting of the international summit in Port Moresby.

Sadly, they are yet to be compensated after the successful conclusion of the leaders’ meet on November 18th.

Margaret Sepi, who was one of the four female APEC drivers, told this newsroom that the APEC Authority had made a commitment to pay them on November 29th but to date, they have not received any word on the matter, let alone seen any money in their accounts.