Minister outlines lack of visibility in APEC spending

A lot of payments made during APEC 2018 were kept off the Integrated Financial Management System.

This is why the Finance Department does not have full visibility of APEC expenses.

When giving an update, Police Minister Bryan Kramer further said a consultant going by the name of David Johnson, engaged under the former APEC CEO, has all the spreadsheet records of the APEC report.

“Which Finance is awaiting,” the Minister said.

“And Finance had planned to engage an independent accounting firm, in the likes of Deloitte and KPMG, to carry out and complete that report. That was the last information I got.

“I wasn’t in a position to go and sit in Finance and make them drive that report out as a minister responsible. So I had to focus on the (police) ministry and law and order and issues of COVID-19.

“The issue of APEC report remains outstanding and I am sure the Prime Minister is committed for that report to get completed.”

Carmella Gware