APEC 2018

Protocol officers undergo training

Organized by the New Zeeland High Commission to Papua New Guinea, the training intends to improve foreign affairs staff skills in carrying out their jobs.

Officers were welcomed at the High Commissions residence where they will have the training.

The seminar was attended by New Zealand High Commissioner to PNG, Sue Mackwell, former NZ High Commissioner to PNG, Neils Holm, Foreign Affairs Secretary, William Dihm, and Chief Protocol, Morea Veratau.

High Commissioner Mackwell welcomed the officers and wished them the best during their training.


​APEC interns prepare for 2018

Eileen Aitsi and Isidore Sitapai Pasanai - both policy officers with Papua New Guinea’s APEC Secretariat - have been seconded for eight months to APEC headquarters in Singapore as intern program directors.

Aitsi, 31, provides policy support to the Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation, which helps to build the capacity of member economies in areas such as health, transport, small and medium enterprises, fisheries and education.


Traffic Police prepare for APEC

The general public in the nation’s capital will be seeing a lot more motorcycles moving around and working through the traffics.

This is after the first six RPNGC cyclists graduated from a three week specialized course in motorcycle motorcade yesterday at the PNGDF Air Transport Wing.

Police are asking the public to understand what these trainings are for as it’s for the safety of motorcades as well as that of people.

Along with the practical sessions training, there will also be five more courses introduced throughout the year plus one in 2018.

Aviation safety during APEC is paramount

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Executive Manager Safety Regulation, Reuben O’Conner, tells Loop PNG  that with the convergence of world leaders into PNG, all potential threats and loopholes must be properly assessed and addressed.

“With the APEC coming you can say that you will be having enemies of enemies looking at Papua New Guinea,” said O’Conner.

CASA is currently undergoing a review of the Civil Aviation Rule’s (CARs) which aim to threaten aviation safety and security.

O’Neill invites Trump to APEC PNG 2018

In correspondence with President Trump, O’Neill highlighted the unique nature of the APEC process and its relevance to economic advancement for all Member Economies.

“I invite you to visit Papua New Guinea for the APEC Leaders’ Summit on 17-18 November 2018, and meet with the other 20 APEC Leaders and Pacific Island State Leaders,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“APEC is a forum to expand investment, break down unjust bureaucratic regulation to trade, and to confront issues that threaten our shared economic stability and security.”

Hotel operators meet APEC authority on accommodation

APEC Coordination Authority CEO, Chris Hawkins, said this today in Port Moresby when meeting with General Managers and representatives of several Hotel companies today to advise them on accommodation arrangements required for the APEC 2018 Summit.

He said organising accommodation was a mammoth task which had to take into consideration bilateral and multilateral ties between the various countries, cultural and linguistic factors, and security requirements by the APEC member economies, among others.

Dates for Transportation Ministerial Meeting announced

This was announced by the Minister Responsible for Sports, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, and the Minister for Transportation & Infrastructure, Malakai Tabar.

Tabar said the hosting of the Transportation Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity to advance transportation issues that are of great consequence to the Nation and to the APEC Region.

“The key to economic development in our region is the development of safe and efficient transportation networks that get goods to market,” Tabar said.

PNG building up to host 2018 APEC Summit

Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko stressed yesterday during the announcement of the 10th Ministerial Meeting which will be one of the major meets held in PNG leading up to the APEC Summit in 2018.

“As far as we’re concerned, procedures and guideline are being followed to make sure PNG will be ready in 2018,”says Tkatchenko.

He states that the biggest issue at hand is not the infrastructure or preparation on the ground; it’s more of the security aspect that we have to get right.

Transport Review to help standardise public transport

Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Malakai Tabar says this will see to strengthening the monitoring and licensing processes and guidelines for public transport, both PMV’s and taxis.

Tabar says they have accepted strong statements from people through the media and the department, along with the assistance from the Government and the APEC minister, for improvements will be made.

PNG investment conference to connect businesses

Co-hosts Business Advantage International says the 2017 version will be an energetic reboot aimed at connecting PNG Businesses with international partners.

A special pacific islands investments seminar will also be incorporated to highlight opportunities  in Melanesian neighbors, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and New Caledonia.

The event will be held in Sydney, Australia from September 7-8, at the Shangri-La Hotel.