Lupari challenges young tax collectors

Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari has challenged the young upcoming generation of tax collectors not to be compromised in their work.

He made the statement during another visit to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) today.

Lupari reiterated his message to the young staffers that the IRC was the most important organisation in PNG and its effectiveness in collecting revenue will realise the country’s development aspirations.

In his third visit to the IRC this year, the Chief Secretary wanted to specifically meet the younger generation of IRC staff.

He said it was imperative for him to continuously meet them to impart the Government’s expectations as well as to instil a sense of pride in carrying out their duties.

Lupari said their conduct had a big impact on the country and it was important they were not compromised.

“If you’re not able to do your job, if you’re not able to collect the money then Government’s financing of the budget gets affected, meaning we are not able to adequately deliver services to our people in health, education and infrastructure development,” he said.

The visit was also an opportunity for staffers to raise queries with the government on outstanding issues.  

For many it was the issue of housing as well as transportation to ensure staff start and end on time.

Lupari agreed that these were serious issues to be taken note of as his own department staff shared similar problems.

He said he will have dialogue with the Government and respective agencies to address the problems and urged IRC staff not to be discouraged but perform their roles with the right attitude.

“I promise I will take it up again with the Prime Minster and advise him that we need to do something,” he said.

Cedric Patjole