Chief Secretary

ABG Chief Secretary outlines projects

Himata said 2023 was the year of ratification and the governments of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville would continue to have diplomatic talks and meetings on the agreement of when the ratification will take place.

Himata said the focus areas for 2023 are improving law and order services, ratification, revenue and income generation and infrastructure development.

He outlined that the administration was working on improving law and order services by creating policies and legislations that will support police officers and increase recruitment.

I will not stand down: ABG Chief Secretary

The five-point petition alleges malpractice within the ABG and calls for immediate investigations as well as sidelining of government officials, among them, President John Momis and Nobetau.

For the ABG Chief Secretary, the petition calls for an investigation into Nobetau’s alleged involvement in the awarding of citizenship to Djoko Tjandra.

The petition by services providers and ex-combatants was delivered on December 3rd alleging malpractices in the ABG, claiming there is incompetency, corruption and a system of favouritism.

Lupari challenges young tax collectors

He made the statement during another visit to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) today.

Lupari reiterated his message to the young staffers that the IRC was the most important organisation in PNG and its effectiveness in collecting revenue will realise the country’s development aspirations.

In his third visit to the IRC this year, the Chief Secretary wanted to specifically meet the younger generation of IRC staff.

Elections communications centre in operation

The centre was launched after the opening of the security elections operations in Mt Hagen on Friday (May 26).

A demonstration of direct communication was done between the Communication Centre in Port Moresby and the Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari, and Police Commissioner Gari Baki, who were both present at the Mt Hagen launch.

Lupari announced over the police radio network not only launching of the highlands region security operations, but operations for the entire country.

Leaders’ Summit rescheduled

Originally planned for last week, Lupari said the meeting was pushed back after a number of provincial delegations experienced travel delays.

“There were a number of governors and provincial officials who were unable to arrive for the Wednesday morning meeting,” the Chief Secretary said.

“Their inclusion in discussions is important, so the Leaders’ Summit will now take place before the next sitting of Parliament convenes in the afternoon of 28 February.

Service Providers to be paid outstanding claims

An audit has been done on all service providers that have claims with PNG Electoral Commission and has been completed.

Of the K42 million claimed, the audit now has confirmed a figure of K19 million for service providers.

Chief Secretary, Issac Lupari says because of the audit that has been conducted upon those claims, PNGEC was able to pick up on the discrepancies and abnormalities in the figures.

Lupari thanked that Department of Justice, particularly the Office of the Solicitors General for the work they have done in rechecking the figures.

Lupari urges for collaboration amongst stakeholders

He issued the directions when speaking at an “All of Government” meeting this week attended by State agencies involved directly with the planning of the tournament.

Lupari said the staging of the tournament costs about K65million and that is hard earned money from Papua New Guineans that will go in a useful and purposeful investment.

He said this is not only in terms of infrastructure but also in providing employment opportunities across PNG.

New AROB Chief Secretary challenged to revitalise workers

During the swearing in ceremony this week at the Bougainville Administrative Office, Momis charged Nobetau with energising the public service into an efficient entity that will carry out the prerogatives of the ABG as it moves towards the referendum for Bougainville’s political future.

“We have to energise ourselves and others through heroic ambition, there is no time to mess around we have to lift the bench mark of the performance of the Bougainville Public Service machinery.

PNG Nurses Association delays stop work action

This follows a near positive outcome at a meeting today between PNGNA executives, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Health Secretary Pascoe Kase.

PNGNA threatened to stop its financial members of 5,000 nurses in turning up for work on Wednesday, Sept 14 if the National Government does not respond to their outstanding claims.

Their claims include the non-payment of their wages and other benefits.

A nurse’s industrial award was signed with the Government in December, 2015 regarding their wages and other benefits which was supposed to be effected in January.

K100,000 committed every year for Aroma canoe racing

Speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister, Chief Secretary, Issac Lupari made this commitment to support the sport annually during the opening of the inaugural Peter O’Neill Cup canoe race on Friday at Pelagai village.

“Canoe racing is not only a sporting event; it brings communities together and brings about love, peace and unity.

Lupari thanked the organisers of the canoe race who had worked hard behind the scenes to make the one day event a success.