PNG Customs

MoA Elevating Collaborative Efforts for Growth

NFA Managing Director Justin Ilakini, and Chief Commissioner of PNG Customs David Towe, met this morning to highlight the importance of the collaboration, with the aim of better serving the people of Papua New Guinea.

Ilakini expressed his gratitude to Customs for its assistance in ensuring that NFA's work in the fishing industry is attended to.

He acknowledged Customs for its accommodating stance regarding the Global Sourcing Provision, which contributed to the growth of the processing sector in the country.

Australia Donate Equipment To PNG Customs

In a ceremony at the PNG Customs Office in Port Moresby on Monday, Chief Commissioner David Towe thanked the Australian Government for its continuous support to the country in enhancing border security.

The equipment include telephones, reporting tools, first aid kits, passport verification devices and scanning devices.

Andrew Edger, Counsellor Department of Home Affairs said Australia shares a maritime border with PNG, reaffirming the Australian Government’s commitment to secure the borders of PNG.

Customs Help Improve Tax Compliance

Towe said, “We are pleased to hear about significant improvements in sales by legitimate businesses exceeding projections in the first half of 2021 because of Customs enforcement and compliance interventions.”

“Illicit and non-tax paid products in the market have been reduced significantly and business is thriving again.

“It’s truly amazing and we are excited. If the current trend continues our future looks promising.

MOU Signed To Capture Wrongdoers

Police Commissioner David Manning and Chief Commissioner for Customs, David Towe signed the MoU yesterday at the Police Operations Center; something that both agreed was the culmination of months of work from both parties.

According to Manning, this arrangement will not only allow the sharing of hard assets, but also human resources that will assist the police to be innovative and will strengthen its relationship with the customs service to help fight trans-national crimes.

Crackdown On Importers

The increase in penalty fees and the move to prosecute non-compliant importers are due to amendments made to the Customs Act in 2020. This was made known during a press conference this week to announce the end of an investigation into an importer that attempted to avoid paying the due tax for goods imported into the country.

The importer was ordered to pay a penalty fine of more than K2 million and will face prosecution.

Importer fined K2m

Customs Commissioner, David Towe announced this after the conclusion of a three-month investigation into the matter.

Mr Towe said the importer of the container, whose identity was not disclosed, been targeted for earlier cases of non-compliance.

Paul reappointed to top Customs post

He was one of the senior public servants whose appointments were recently gazetted, and they signed their contract of employment at Government House before Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae.

National Gaming and Control Board Chief Executive Officer Imelda Agon also signed her contract for a five-year team.

The signing, on April 2nd, was witnessed by Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan.

Third party involved in Kennedy Estate raid: Customs

A warehouse believed to be accommodating an illegal cigarette operation was raided by the National Drug and Vice Squad last week.

However, Customs Chief Commissioner, Ray Paul, defended the Asian-owned operation, saying it was issued a licence to operate.

“They’ve been importing and only this year, they intend to go into manufacturing,” Paul said of Golden Borough Ltd.

Alleged illegal operation was legal: Customs

A warehouse at the Kennedy Estate at Eight-Mile, outside Port Moresby, was under a month-long surveillance by the National Drug and Vice Squad until the bust last week.

A large, white warehouse containing cigarettes of unknown origin, including manufacturing equipment, were uncovered at the Kennedy Estate.

Deliver more on revenue collection: Lupari

He told the Customs officers on November 20 that the successful delivery of the 2018 budget is in the hands of PNG Customs and Internal Revenue Commission (IRC).

“The Government wouldn’t have delivered its policies, programs and basic services to our people if you and IRC did not deliver the projected revenue in the 2018 money plan,” stated Lupari.

“You and IRC are the most important Government agencies in the public service.