PNG Customs

Paul reappointed to top Customs post

He was one of the senior public servants whose appointments were recently gazetted, and they signed their contract of employment at Government House before Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae.

National Gaming and Control Board Chief Executive Officer Imelda Agon also signed her contract for a five-year team.

The signing, on April 2nd, was witnessed by Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan.

Third party involved in Kennedy Estate raid: Customs

A warehouse believed to be accommodating an illegal cigarette operation was raided by the National Drug and Vice Squad last week.

However, Customs Chief Commissioner, Ray Paul, defended the Asian-owned operation, saying it was issued a licence to operate.

“They’ve been importing and only this year, they intend to go into manufacturing,” Paul said of Golden Borough Ltd.

Alleged illegal operation was legal: Customs

A warehouse at the Kennedy Estate at Eight-Mile, outside Port Moresby, was under a month-long surveillance by the National Drug and Vice Squad until the bust last week.

A large, white warehouse containing cigarettes of unknown origin, including manufacturing equipment, were uncovered at the Kennedy Estate.

Deliver more on revenue collection: Lupari

He told the Customs officers on November 20 that the successful delivery of the 2018 budget is in the hands of PNG Customs and Internal Revenue Commission (IRC).

“The Government wouldn’t have delivered its policies, programs and basic services to our people if you and IRC did not deliver the projected revenue in the 2018 money plan,” stated Lupari.

“You and IRC are the most important Government agencies in the public service. 

For national security, hold that container: Basil

Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil, says the semi-automatic firearms, which were seized by Customs in Lae in October, must continue to be quarantined at Igam Barracks, where they are currently being held.

Basil said the circumstances surrounding how the firearms were brought in was suspicious, especially on the eve of the elections. He alleges that the guns may be used by political opponents.

“We are calling on the hierarchy of Igam Barracks please, hold that container for national security.

Pruaitch calls for strengthening of Government’s PPP

Speaking today at the launch of the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) software programs in Port Moresby, PNG Customs boss Ray Paul on behalf of Pruaitch said such software programs will provide a competitive environment.

“It is through such that we will provide a competitive environment that is conducive to promoting trade and investment in our country resulting in increased fiscal economic performance and macro-economic growth.”

Basil questions importation of 280 semi-automatic guns

The Pangu Party Leader made these comments following media reports of confiscation of military grade weapons by PNG Customs because of no declaration.  

Government Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, who also heads the National Security Advisory Council, said the guns belong to the Police. 

“Lupari's statement doesn't add up, something is wrong here,” Basil stated.

“The non-declaration act alone by the private company breaches the Customs Act, whether a government agency or a private sector, those breaches are serious in nature.

ACP reports influx of illegal immigrants

In a statement, Assistant Commissioner Border Command Donald Yamasombi, says the lack of patrol boats along the West Sepik border area has allowed easy, undetected access for the illegal immigrants.

“On July 19, three Indonesian adults and one juvenile crossed the border by boat to Wutung where the PNG Defence Force, based at the checkpoint, apprehended them and brought them to the police station. 

“They have been arrested and charged according to the PNG Migration Act and have been sentenced to three months hard labour and fined K2000 in cash each.”

Offices join forces to monitor Milne Bay waters

Police in Milne Bay together with the National Fisheries Authority as well as the PNG Customs are working together after five illegal fishing vessels were spotted by villagers off the outer coastal islands of the province.

PNG Customs dressed up for finals

The team made up of female employees, spouses and dependants got a timely moral boost from PNG Customs commissioner Ray Paul yesterday.       

PNG Customs 1 plays NICTA and PNG Customs 2 to challenge NCDC 2 in the preliminary finals of the National Capital District Public Servants Netball competition tomorrow (Saturday).

Senior player Tomon Peter said, the netball competition helps them to socialize and stay fit.

She said as underdogs they surprised their opponents with their final placing in the back end of the season.