Public Service

Fostering Employment Security

Last year, Speaker of Parliament Job Pomat approved the institution’s new organizational and management structure.

Clerk of Parliament, Kala Aufa said the new contracts ensure a performance-based approach with Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to measure desired organizational outcomes for the Service, as a ‘modern, engaging, and efficient Parliament’ in the region.

PM lays down rules

The Prime Minister addressed members of the public service and members of Parliament in a meeting this morning at the APEC Haus when these announcements were made.

“…This morning I wanted to lay down the rule and made with absolute clarity that politicians have their space and public servants have their space,” he said. “When politics has been played out, public servants must not get engaged in politics but must carry on work.”

Prime Minister said historically, almost a whole year is lost in the lead up to elections with preparations and even after the elections are over.

Plan to boost public service

This will assist public servants with the necessary skills and qualifications needed before they are appointed to executive positions in the public service.

Minister Sungi said this policy will instil a new culture in the public service and help weed out corruption in the system.

He said to support this, the Ministry of Public Service has produced a 30-year Human Resource Development Strategic Plan (2020-2050) to support the PNG Vision 2050 plan in delivering policies to guide the operations of the public service into the future.

Crackdown on public service

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says it is about investing in the right areas of the public service such as teachers, nurses and police.

“We want to support those and we want to trim down central agencies of government to make us more efficient,” he states.

“Those people who are in the public service need to have contracts and conditions, time management and NID cards, so that they turn up to work as a real human being and they get paid, they are clocking in and they are earning their pay and they are producing results,” says Abel.

Juffa welcomes Kapavore’s appointment

Juffa said Public Service is a very important portfolio and urged Kapavore to table the findings of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service.

“I believe it is a holistic approach to improving the welfare of public servants and introducing corporate values, including performance based contracts for all public servants.”

He said Kapavore needs support from all the leaders to drive the public service machinery forward.

Meanwhile, Juffa said public servants must be honest in their job and help deliver to the people in a transparent manner.


MP’s urged to work together

Speaking to the MP’s during Day Two of the National Parliament Induction Programme, Lupari said the country is currently faced by many problems covering many facets which include social and economical.

He said it was imperative now more than ever that all MPs were n cooperation to address those problems.

Lupari also highlighted the need for more connectivity between the Government and the public service.

He said he has witnessed a gradual decline in interaction which has resulted in lack of service delivery.

VIDEO: Public service accepts blame

Chief Secretary to Government Isaac Lupari said this when outlining that the government has done its part by ensuring that a policy and systems have been put into place.

It's the implementation and monitoring aspect that has led to the poor administration of the drugs.


Meredith Kuusa reports 

​PM: Sector no longer all boys’ club

“The public service is now based on the skills, experience and education that individuals possess,” O’Neill said on Monday.

He was speaking at the 2017 Pacific Public Service Commissioners Conference (PPSCC) launching in Port Moresby.

The three-day conference starts today. 

“In Papua New Guinea, we are going into quite a change taking place not only in our infrastructure development and growth of our economy but the reforms we are making in the public sector structure,” O’Neill said.  

Public service, ‘monster’ consuming more

Chief Secretary to the Government Isaac Lupari when speaking at the 2017 Leaders’ Summit on Monday said this amount is too much and will be looking into the public service to decrease the amount.

He said the Government will be implementing the public service reform to downsize the number of public service recruitment.

“We do not need duplications of job in the public services.

“This is the biggest monster that is eating away the budget of the country,” he said.

About 200,000 public servants are currently employed which is about 2% of the total population.

PM describes public services as ‘monster’ not performing

He told leaders at the Leaders Summit today in Port Moresby that the government has spent a lot of money on the public sector but nothing has been coming forth.

“We will be streamlining many of the Government processes so that we can take stock of what has happened, so that we can learn from the mistakes that we have made and plan ahead and prepare for the better delivery of services for our people,” he said.

He added that the country has a ready workforce, lower cost structure, and strong bank liquidity in the system that can attract investors to the country.