Gary Juffa

Election preparation poor: Juffa

Juffa said said having a parliamentary committee to review the elections is an opportunity to improve the next election and ensure it is delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“Transparent Procurement System Needed”

The Department of Health (DOH) has renewed a contract for provision of aid post kits to the company that was exposed by the Public Accounts Committee for serious flaws in quality of drugs and other anomalies.  

This is yet to be rectified by the department, since the inquiry and tabling of the report on September 9th 2020, by the then Chairman, John Pundari, who is now the Finance Minister.

Juffa happy with roadworks

Oro Governor Gary Juffa has thanked the Government of Australia and TSSP for making the funds available to open up the two highways for his people to have road access.

“These two highways reach out to Ijivitari and Sohe districts where majority of the people live and they were both in a very bad state recently and for TSSP to recognize our roads with the funding is highly commendable,” Governor Juffa said.

A total of K3.5 million has been allocated by TSSP on these national roads split among 10 local contractors, five on each of the Kokoda and Afore (Northern) sections.

KC2 summoned

On Monday April 26th, Lin will have an exclusive informal Parliamentary Committee hearing in Port Moresby with the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform & Service Delivery (SPCPSR&SD).

She was invited by committee chairman, Gary Juffa.

The committee would like to hear her side of the story.

It has been alleged that in 2013, Lin put up a deposit on a few NHC properties in Lae, but cannot trace nor recover her deposits.

Oro PEC allocates direct funding to LLG wards

Governor Gary Juffa made this announcement at a Provincial Executive Council (PEC) meeting recently in Port Moresby.

Governor Gary Juffa and his executive government through the Oro Joint Provincial Planning and Budget Priority Committee (JPP & BPC) has allocated a total of K2, 620,000 (K2.62 million) for all LLGs and Wards to support their development aspirations.

All 162 Wards and the 9 LLGs will get direct funding under the PSIP unlike before.

Review use of police at logging sites: Juffa

He made this call after a young man lost his life while another is in critical condition after they were shot at Foru in the Musa Local Level Government.

According to reports, both men were shot on the 9th of July during a confrontation between a group of men from Kariso village and the Popondetta Police.

The confrontation was in relation to illegal logging in the province.

CPL partners with Northern farmers

CPL Group also runs the Stop n Shop chain of supermarkets in Port Moresby and one of the biggest buyers of local fresh produce for their shelves.

Upon a formal discussion and invitation by Oro Governor Gary Juffa on the possibility of Oro supplying its fresh produce, CPL Group General Manager Ajay Patel met with Oro farmers with the display of some local produce.

Mr Patel said he was impressed with the display of produce and made a commitment to buy from the locals. He said CPL Group would buy on a weekly basis provided quality and consistency were maintained.

Oro presents record K115m budget

Governor Gary Juffa was flanked by Vice Minister for Agriculture and Livestock and Member for Sohe, Henry Amuli, Ijivitari MP Richard Masere, Provincial Administrator Trevor Magei and staff from the Provincial and District administration as the Oro Provincial Budget was handed over to the Treasurer for vetting and approval.

A pleasantly surprised Treasurer expressed his delight at the show of unity amongst Oro’s Provincial and Administrative leaders in presenting the money plan for the people of Oro.

Be careful with what you develop: Juffa

Northern Province Governor, Gary Juffa, issued this strong statement at New Ireland’s recent Council of Elders.

Juffa was a special guest at the 10th Council of Elders summit on Tabar Island, New Ireland Province.

Speaking to 180 local men and women leaders from the 142 wards of New Ireland, Juffa reminded them that they are the custodians of their natural environment. Their unique culture, flora and fauna depends on the decisions that they make today.

Councillors urged to be proactive

Northern Governor Gary Juffa made this call when witnessing the swearing in of councillors and LLG council presidents and the Oro Provincial Executive Council on Tuesday.

“If you are proactive at the community level, Government will effectively function and services will reach our rural population. My leadership is only as good as your proactiveness and active participation in policy and delivery,” Juffa told those present.