Australia, PNG strengthen ties in public service development

Australia, in a significant stride towards enhancing cooperation and capacity-building, has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a robust public service partnership with Papua New Guinea.

The two nations have collaboratively undertaken the PNG Institutional Partnerships Program, marking a new chapter in their cooperative efforts.

Under the aegis of this program, Australia has actively supported over 40 dedicated PNG public servants in their pursuit of professional development. These individuals underwent specialized training at the esteemed Australian Public Service Academy, participating in the transformative course titled 'Building and Developing High Performance Teams'.

The rigorous training regimen was meticulously facilitated through a constructive partnership between the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and the PNG Department of Personnel Management (DPM).

A distinguished milestone in this partnership was reached when Australia's Deputy High Commissioner, Dr. Joanne Loundes, presided over the certificate presentation ceremony held upon the culmination of the training.

Dr. Loundes acknowledged the participants' unwavering dedication to honing their skill sets and expanding their capacities. She expressed her commendation for their commitment to furthering PNG Government priorities, notably highlighting the strides made in advancing gender equality through the collaborative endeavors of APSC and DPM.

This cooperative initiative led to several remarkable achievements, including the formulation of the PNG Government's Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Policy, fortifying the Male Advocacy Network (MAN) terms of reference, the inception of the Women in Leadership Forum, and active support for International Women's Day initiatives championed by the DPM.

At its core, the PNG Institutional Partnership Program stands as a testament to the productive synergy between nine Australian Government agencies and ten PNG Government agencies.

These entities are fervently engaged in a diverse spectrum of capacity-building activities, underpinning their shared commitment to the enduring #PNGAusPartnership.

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