PM lays down rules

In a press conference this morning, Prime Minister James Marape announced that his government will be laying down rules to separate politics from public service as the 2022 National General Elections near.

The Prime Minister addressed members of the public service and members of Parliament in a meeting this morning at the APEC Haus when these announcements were made.

“…This morning I wanted to lay down the rule and made with absolute clarity that politicians have their space and public servants have their space,” he said. “When politics has been played out, public servants must not get engaged in politics but must carry on work.”

Prime Minister said historically, almost a whole year is lost in the lead up to elections with preparations and even after the elections are over.

He added that almost no activity takes place between this period because politics takes main precedence.

The Prime Minister explained that it is essential that the public service and politics remain separate and thus stated that the performance of public servants and ministers will be evaluated by the end of the year. 

He said, “Prime Minister’s Department, from this announcement, (we) will be visiting all departments to take stock of what they have done in the last few years. Of course, we know exactly where we are in terms of achievement.”

The Prime Minister said his department has released key performance indicators to guide state departments and agencies regarding their performance and overall outcomes.

“(The) Health system must be functioning, education system must be functional, core development programs must be running despite politics that needs to be played in 2022,” the PM said.

Prime Minister Marape emphasized that the public service must remain unaffected by politics and the buzz of activity that is to come with the 2022 National General Elections, thus the vitality of the meeting was to establish boundaries for the roles and responsibilities between the two.

Marysila Kellerton