gender equality

Sabati Mero - championing gender equality

Currently serving as the Acting First Assistant Secretary for Policy and Planning at the National Department of Education (NDoE), Sabati's dedication to promoting gender equality is truly inspiring.

Her journey began with years of community work in her home province of Gulf, where she played a pivotal role as the School Community Support Officer for the Gulf Provincial Administration.

Australia's Commitment to Gender Equality in PNG Sports

This initiative aims to empower local communities by promoting various sports, including basketball, rugby, gymnastics, badminton, netball, soccer, and hockey.

During a recent visit to PNG, Stephanie Copus Campbell, Australia's Ambassador for Gender Equality, actively engaged with Basketball PNG through their "Basketball for Good" program, known as "Mi Pikinini Meri."

This program is dedicated to addressing crucial issues such as gender equality, self-confidence, leadership, menstrual health, and cyber safety education, primarily targeting young girls, women, and boys.

PNG women lead in promoting gender equality

The gathering was graced by the esteemed presence of Australia’s former Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, who served as the guest of honour.

The focal point of the Women's Leadership Luncheon was to recognize and applaud the exceptional accomplishments of the PNG alumnae of the WLI Women's Developmental Leadership Program. These extraordinary women have been catalysts for positive change within their workplaces, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Agripreneurship and gender equality

As part of the implementation of the European Union-funded STREIT PNG Programme, the workshop was organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 

According to Patu Shang, the FAO Gender and Youth Inclusion Specialist who led the capacity-building workshop, poor accountability and management are the leading cause of business failure. One of the reasons for the many failures is that women and youths are often not included in leadership positions within groups.

FAO empowers agripreneurs for gender equality

The capacity-building workshop, titled "Group Enterprise Development," was organized by the FAO under the EU-STREIT PNG Programme. With the participation of 48 individuals, including women and youth, the workshop facilitated discussions and presentations on Group Agribusiness Management, Group Dynamics, Financial Literacy, and Gender and Youth Inclusion in agri-businesses.

During the workshop, FAO Gender and Youth Inclusion Specialist, Patu Shang emphasized that poor accountability and management often lead to business failure.

Morobe’s fight against GBV

On the third day of Hearing, the GEWE and GBV Committee used the to engage with Sub-national governments in the country as well for the committee to have an idea on where the provincial administrations are putting their efforts into in addressing GBV and Social Related Violence.

Morobe’s Deputy Provincial Administrator, Robin Bazzinuc, stated that in 2015-17 a roll- out the Strategic plan with five pillars was made;

GEWE committee begin hearing

The Three-day hearing is for the committee to review current approaches to addressing GEWE, gender-based violence (GBV) and sorcery accusation related violence (SARV) across the country.

Chairman for the Parliament committee on GEWE, Powes Parkop stated that the hearings aim to review the institutional and policy approaches that the government currently has in place to address GEWE, GBV and SARV.

Economic Benefits of Gender Equality in PNG

During the launch of the 9th edition World Economic Update for Papua New Guinea 9th today, Giorgia Demarchi, a Senior Social Development Specialist in the East Asia and Pacific region with the World Bank shared details of the report on this.

The new report highlights the potentially significant economic gains made in PNG through efforts to address gender inequality, including improvements in overall family incomes, more substantial education and training and increased economic productivity.

OFC commits to gender equality

The Playbook launched last year marks the first step in OFC’s Pacific Legacy Programme, as it work to first understand the context and give voice to intended beneficiaries before delivering programmes and activities that address or remove barriers. 
OFC Head of Social Responsibility, Michael Armstrong was full of praise for the project, which has been the result of a year of research and development.

GEWE Committee calls for more government action

Members of the new Parliamentary Committee on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) commended the Government for awarding 13 NGOs financial grants that will enable them to do more work to address gender-based violence (GBV) across the country. The committee has also called for more government action.