Is greed drowning out our people’s cry?

This was the question posed during the recent meeting of the Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania (Australia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, New Zealand, CEPAC – the rest of the Pacific).

An urgent ethical challenge facing the worldwide human family today concerns economic development dependent upon fossil fuel based energy, especially coal.

Collaboration a must for development

Without corporation the needed services are hindered and or do not reach the people at the most needy levels.

Minister for Youth, religion and community development Soroi Eoe said there is a big need for all stakeholders to corporate in bringing the much needed services into this places.

The minister highlighted that one of the base of collaboration was getting feedback and input from relevant stakeholders.

He said one way is to facilitate for stakeholders to  contribute in identifying avenues to address many of the issues hindering service delivery.

ESP Governor welcomes development partners

The World Bank and IFAD, are financing Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) implementing cocoa and coffee rehabilitation with lead partners and farmers in the country including the hinterland of East Sepik.

The delegation travelled to East Sepik on Monday along the Sepik highway to check the status of rehabilitation activities especially setting up of nurseries at project sites in Maprik and Yangoru districts.

It was an opportunity for farmers to share issues involving the project with the mission members.

VIDEO: Court on development

What is happening in most cases is that, rather than taking this important crucial step, they are, choosing to and dealing with persons who claim to be landowners when in fact, they may not be the true and correct landowners.

This was highlighted by a three-man Supreme Court bench recently when handing down a ruling on an appeal involving customary land owners of Abau in the Central province and a logging company.


Sally Pokiton with more 

VIDEO: Rigo development priorities

But for decades it has been neglected; depleting administrative buildings, poor road links and run down amenities.
Rebuilding Kwikila Station is high on the agenda for new member elect, Lekwa Gure. 


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Locals want progress in province

Manusians say progress and tangible development are non-existent in the political realm of the province.

Health, education services, infrastructure and roads linking villages on the mainland have been neglected for decades.

Resident Chawi Konabe says they want nothing less than visionary leaders who have the interest of the people at heart, leaders who will effect change and development.

Echoing similar sentiments, family and sexual violence advocate Irene Pokris openly shared the struggles faced by the womenfolk in the province.

POM Business College aims to go national

And with a motivation, which has seen dramatic developments recently, the college may well achieve this.

Principal John August informed Loop PNG the institution has a clear vision and with the support of dedicated staff and the Board of Governors a lot of change has come about.        

“We started off by developing the curriculum and when that was done we had to develop the facilities to compliment the curriculum,” he said.

Many of the infrastructure developments delivered follow a major fundraising drive undertaken by the college.

Keys to HIV/AIDS: skills development, jobs, good governance

“Poverty and lack of quality education lead to sexual risk. Skills development, employment creation and good governance can help fight HIV/AIDS,” said Mr Polye when delivering a closing speech to mark the World AIDS Day at the Sir John Guise Indoor complex in the capital city.

He said as a leader of a remote district in the country, the World AIDS Day provided a forum to debate about the epidemic to extract better policies and laws to combat HIV/AIDs.

“We all have to be committed in addressing the issue and show love and care to those living with the virus.