Education Minister Jimmy Uguro

Uguro assures education system

He said there have been several setbacks within the Ministry which have led to the deterioration of the education system over the years. Several factors have contributed to this decline, impacting the quality of education and the overall learning environment in the country.

Uguro said in terms of the system upgrade, he believes in partnering with international stakeholders in bringing in change, and hopefully improving the country’s human resources.

The changes will encompass the education system from kindergarten to the tertiary level, says Uguro.

Education Minister Launches National Literacy Week

The ceremony featured Sia Dancers from Tarawa in Kove, who brought in the symbolic Literacy Torch. The torch, shaped like a dolphin, contained a light bulb switched on by Minister Uguro, marking the opening of National Literacy Week.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel emphasized the important role of teachers and the importance of education in society. He highlighted the need to respect teachers and the consequences of neglecting them, as well as the impact on leaders and society as a whole.

Transforming education through FODE

During the inauguration of a FODE centre at Mt Diamond Adventist Secondary School in Central Province on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, Prime Minister James Marape called upon Education Minister, Jimmy Uguro and Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra to replicate this transformative initiative across the country.

Prime Minister Marape underscored the importance of incorporating Christian values and ethics into the curriculum, emphasizing the need to guide young individuals through a comprehensive 13-year education journey, spanning from elementary to Grade 12.

Uguro sworn into provincial assembly

Minister Uguro said this following his swearing-in as a member of the Madang Provincial Assembly on Tuesday this week. Senior Provincial Magistrate, Fridolin Kambinel presided over the ceremony. It was witnessed by presidents of the Madang’s local level governments, and two members of parliament. 

Uguro is the final MP to be sworn into the Madang provincial assembly.

Other national parliamentarians present during the swearing-in were MP for Rai Coast and vice minister for International Trade and Investment, Kessy Sawang and Sumkar MP, Alex Suguman Orme.

“Keep Away From Politics”

He said the school premises must be free from any political campaigns or rallies because these are public properties and do not belong to any individual group.

Minister Uguro said the candidates and the supporters must respect state institutions and must not engage students in any form of political activities. He told parents to be watchful and keep an eye on their children, and not let them get involved with candidates.

Minister Uguro said students must be in class during the campaign period.