Autonomous Bougainville Government

JSB meeting commences in POM

Prime Minister James Marape when officially opening the meeting welcomed the President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Ishmael Toroama and his delegation and other leaders to the event.

Marape assured the people of Bougainville that his government is committed to the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Marape also reminded the ABG delegation of the resolutions in their last JSB meeting last July.

ABG community engagement program in Panguna

Kicking off in the township of Panguna yesterday, this initiative marks a pivotal step towards addressing longstanding concerns and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders.

The program, meticulously designed to encompass veterans in the Central Bougainville region and the Panguna landowning communities, underscores the ABG's commitment to inclusive governance and effective communication. At the forefront of this endeavour is the dissemination of accurate information regarding the issuance of exploration license EL01 to Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL).

ABG President attends infrastructure conference

ABG President, Ishmael Toroama is participating in the Pacific Sustainable Infrastructure Conference held in Brisbane, Australia, from September 25-27, 2023. 

Through his participation, President Toroama announced the signing of an Infrastructure Agreement, which provides the framework to deliver critical infrastructures for Bougainville worth an estimated value of USD$4.8 billion (PGK17.5 billion), omprising government buildings, schools, hospitals, airport, sea ports, bridges, roads, power, telecommunications, and other essential infrastructure. 

Bougainvilleans challenged

“This is the question that I had in mind when I stated, under the six-point strategy, a desire for the ABG to get into the practice of long-term visioning and planning so that we can start laying the foundations of a future Bougainville society,” he said. 

ABG enters deal with refinery

Described as a historical moment signaling a new era of economic growth and mutual benefit for both parties, this milestone marks the commencement of a significant partnership, one that aims to bring about transformative change to the socioeconomic landscape of Bougainville.

Vice President and Minister responsible for Commerce, Trade, Industry and Economic Development, Patrick Nisira, thanked the BRL for taking the risk in investing in Bougainville.

New ABG Health Minister makes commitment

Minister Dennis Lokonai, in his recent maiden address to the staff and management of the health sector, said he was not new to the sector as he was a former Minister for Health in the last Momis/Masono government.

Minister Lokonai reiterated that there are many challenges that continue to hinder the department from moving forward, and some of these issues include:

ABG announces rollout of investment program

Vice President, Patrick Nisira, who is also the Minister for Commerce, Trade and Economic Development, said this is part of the ABG’s economic independence readiness plan.

“The investment program is worth K8 million and is allocated under the ABG Economic Sector Program for 2022 to benefit the 33 Constituencies in the region,” Nisira stated.

“The program will strengthen the government’s work on ‘closing the fiscal gap whilst improving the welfare of Bougainvilleans’.”

ABG Chief Secretary outlines projects

Himata said 2023 was the year of ratification and the governments of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville would continue to have diplomatic talks and meetings on the agreement of when the ratification will take place.

Himata said the focus areas for 2023 are improving law and order services, ratification, revenue and income generation and infrastructure development.

He outlined that the administration was working on improving law and order services by creating policies and legislations that will support police officers and increase recruitment.

B’ville refinery’s genset commissioned

The 150kVA generator was commissioned by the Autonomous Bougainville Government Minister for Finance and Treasury, Mathias Salas, in Arawa Town, on Friday, January 20th.

President of Bougainville, Ishmael Toroama, said: “The projected annual turnover from Bougainville National Refinery is estimated to be about K150 million to K200 million.

“This will quadruple the current internal revenue of K50 million, which we only doubled from K25 million last year.”

Haku, Nissan set for polls

When issuing the writs on January 10th, Speaker of the Bougainville House of Representatives, Simon Pentanu, said the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner has gained a very good reputation of delivering credible elections, both nationally and abroad.

He believes this will be the case for these by-elections, thus he is looking forward to receiving the writs on March 6 from the Acting Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, George Manu, after the declaration of members-elect for both constituencies.