Uguro assures education system

Education Minister Jimmy Uguro enlightened his electorate of Usino Bundi during a graduation ceremony on the new developments taking place within the Ministry.

He said there have been several setbacks within the Ministry which have led to the deterioration of the education system over the years. Several factors have contributed to this decline, impacting the quality of education and the overall learning environment in the country.

Uguro said in terms of the system upgrade, he believes in partnering with international stakeholders in bringing in change, and hopefully improving the country’s human resources.

The changes will encompass the education system from kindergarten to the tertiary level, says Uguro.

He highlighted the inclusion of other programs in the education curriculum that will boost additional skill, some of it is already practised by schools throughout the country.

Meantime, Uguro also spoke about the changes which will see the Early Childhood Program come into effect, ridding out elementary-level

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