PNG Government

Bird, Basil Jr, Samban resign from Gov’t

The MPs made their announcement in a press conference at Dream Inn Hotel in Port Moresby yesterday.

Governor Bird when giving his speech said his move was to see a change in the Government.

“I will not be the lookout, standing guard while the riches of this country are plundered. My conscience will not allow it.

“I remained in government hoping that this government would solve our cost of living crisis, our power crisis, our foreign exchange crisis, our law and order crisis and our employment crisis.

PNG committed to Indonesia agreements

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko, in a meeting with Indonesian Deputy Ambassador Nugraha Purniawan, offered the Marape Government’s commitment to Progress and the Implementation of Papua New Guinea and Republic of Indonesia Partnership Agreements.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Elias Wohengu was also present. The meeting also confirmed Prime Minister Marape's State Visit to Indonesia mid this year. This has been scheduled around the Senior Official Meeting, and Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting, which will be held in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea before the State Visit.

Six new ministers

Prime Minister James Marape says this is an opportunity to introduce ‘new blood’ into cabinet. Emphasizing his government’s effort to ensure every province of the country has representation in his cabinet.

The six new ministers are Koroba Kopiago MP William Bando as Coffee Minister, Nipa-Kutubu MP Dr Billy Joseph as Defence Minister, Popondetta MP Richard Masere key Institutional office Minister, Kundiawa-Gembolg MP Muguwa Dilu as Mining Minister, Esa’ala MP Jimmy Maladina as Petroleum Minister and Obura-Wonenara MP John Boito as Agriculture Minister.

Prime Minister takes over Treasury

In the recent cabinet reshuffle that saw six ministers given portfolios, Prime Minister Marape announced minor amendments that included his appointment as Treasury Minister.

The PM says Kavieng Open MP Ian Ling-Stuckey stood down ‘graciously’ and will now serve as Minister assisting the Prime Minister.

“In the 2024 budget, we intended to give relief to our people, unfortunately, relief didn’t come by. It is not purely a problem at Treasury.”

K440mil allocated to ease cost of living pressures

Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey unveiled this positive development during the presentation of the 2024 Budget in Parliament on Tuesday 28th November, 2023.

The K440m allocation is strategically directed towards alleviating the financial strain on parents by introducing school project fee subsidies. Under this initiative, parents will no longer bear up to 20 per cent of school project fees for any of their children attending schools.

K27.3 billion Budget tabled

Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey when presenting the Budget in Parliament described it as a responsible budget that is K2.8b larger than the 2023 Budget.

With the theme “Securing our Future” Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey presented another deficit budget of K27.3 billion 2024 Budget in Parliament today.

A total revenue of K23.3b that is K3.8b more than the 2023 Budget of K19.5b. 

The Treasurer clarified that because revenues are growing much faster than expenditures, the budget deficit reduces by another billion Kina down to K3.9b. 

Govt reminded of ‘forgotten agenda’

Panguna landowner and Bougainville’s Minister for Community Government, Theonila Roka Matbob, issued the reminder on the second day of the Community Affairs and National Content Conference and Expo (CANCONEX) in Lae, Morobe Province.

PNG’s largest copper mine, which operated for 17 years from 1972 until 1989, abruptly closed due to the Bougainville Conflict.

“We fought amongst each other and we all forgot that the initial agenda was fixing the law,” said Matbob, who lost her father during the 10-year conflict.

State and RD MoU signing

The primary aim of the MoU is to negotiate commercial terms for the State and RD Corporation to set up a Joint Venture company to initially fish and process all the catch in a new possible cannery within the PMIZ in Madang.

Minister for International Trade and Investment Richard Maru said this is a historical initiative of the Marape- Roso government to go into domestication of the fishing industry where for the first time, a large fishing company will fish the waters of PNG.

Prime Minister James Marape will officiate the MoU signing in Port Moresby today.

NSL members demand rentals settled

Little has been forthcoming from the State in addressing this, despite having an agreement it must fulfill.

Therefore, the NSL is once again calling for an immediate action by the State to fulfill its obligations to prevent further losses to its members and support the nation's economic growth.

“NSL has actively engaged with various levels of the State throughout the first two quarters of this year, but progress in resolving the outstanding rentals has been minimal,” said NSL chief executive officer, Paul Sayer.

Gov’t set to improve consumer protection

Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey met with the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) Commissioner Paulus Ain recently to address the rising cost of living.

He reassured ICCC that he will be working closely to strengthen laws that protect consumers against predatory behavior.

Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey said that the recommendations put forward by ICCC to amend the Price Regulation Act, the Harbours Act and the Packaging Act will be implemented, subject to NEC approval.