Lupari gives assurance on public servants wages

​Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari, has assured the public servants that their wages will be paid on time this coming pay day.

He clarified that there’s no delays on salaries as Government payroll system pays on Thursdays every two weeks and not on Mondays.

Lupari was responding to a question from this newsroom about the public servants salaries.

However, Lupari said all public servants got paid on time which on a Thursday and not on a Monday.

“I got paid, so as my staff. Which public servants haven’t got paid?”

He further added that many public servants are not budgeting their salaries well and ended up using all their money.

Many public servants normally get their salaries on Wednesday.

But that did not eventuate for the last two fortnights which led to many questions and claims that the government has no money to pay for the public servants.

Lupari further called on the public servants to start saving rather than wasting money on beer and pokies.

Freddy Mou
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