‘Public servants will stay out of politics’

All public servants will stay out of politics and continue to work, says the Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari.

In a statement, Lupari described the antics of a few opposition members, telling people to boycott the economy, as self-serving.

“I do not want to see any public servants involved in this politics in any way, as this would be in breach of the Public Service Act and their employment conditions.

“This government has been very fair to all public servants making sure that all entitlements and long overdue benefits are addressed adequately and continues to do so.

“This nonsense is not a strike about an industrial issue, but a soapbox for self-serving politicians.

“The call by these opposition is for a boycott of the economy of Papua New Guinea, and the economies of all of our provinces and districts.

“This is an attempt by a few desperate people to get public attention for they own personal gain.

“They have no interest in national development, they just want to play their own politics.

“I call on true leaders to show restraint and not be caught up in fake news and nonsense.”

The Chief Secretary said APEC is a source of pride for the nation, and will leave very positive lasting impacts.

“APEC is a national event and of great importance for the men and women of our country.

“Our APEC engagement is opening new doors for investment and trade, and is creating opportunities to expand skills and knowledge.

“This is not the time for little politics, now is the time for all Papua new Guineans to come together.

“The world is watching us, and we will do our best to make sure our culture and the progress taking place in our country is seen around the globe.”

Press release