Peter O'Neill

2021 A Dark Year For PNG

“I feel I owe the nation an apology. I acted in good faith to humbly resign in May 2019 thinking that the change that was asked for would be youthful and move us forward faster than my government could.

“I have, like you, been bitterly disappointed in the performance of the Marape-led Government over the last 31 months.

“He said economically we are in one heck of a mess with debt at over K51 billion and no plan to increase income except to tax our people more.

Stop claiming projects: O’Neill

Mr O'Neill made these remarks after Treasurer, Ian Ling Stuckey's claim recently that the EVEDU Transmission and Electrification project was the Marape Government’s “top priority project”.

Stuckey’s statement reads in part: ‘The Australian Government has agreed to support the Marape Government’s top-priority EVEDU Transmission and Electrification project with funding of $US90 million (K315 million).

LIVE: Parliament Sitting | Monday, 14th December 2020

Court yet to hear case of Nov 17 sitting

Interested parties who applied to take part in the proceedings as interveners include; Prime Minister James Marape, Treasurer, Ian Lingstuckey, leader of government business, Renbo Paita, Clerk of Parliament and Paul Paraka as a private citizen.

Ruling on whether to grant these applications will be heard at 12:30pm today, after it was adjourned by the five men bench.

Opposition leader, Belden Namah has also shown interest in the proceedings.

The court is expected to hear his application at 12:30 when it resumes.

O’Neill’s case adjourned

This is the member’s second appearance at the Committal Court after his bail application was heard at the National Court in May.

He is currently on K5,000 bail.

O’Neill is charged with one count of official corruption and misappropriation over the controversial purchase of two generators from an Israeli electricity firm.

The Prosecutor asked the court to adjourn the matter to a later date as the police hand up brief is yet to be completed.

The matter was adjourned to September 10th for further mention.

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No conditions attached with IMF loan: Treasurer

Ling-Stuckey clarified this again, for the member for North Waghi Fabian Pok.

Treasurer Ian Ling-Stucky, who was questioned on this by the member for Ialibu-Pangia on Tuesday, repeated that the loan was interest free with no conditions attached.

“There are no conditions attached to the IMF loan,” says the Treasurer.

However, the former Prime Minister and Ialibu Pangia MP Peter O’Neill remained unconvinced.

“There are two conditions that are normally given by the IMF to member countries that are seeking this.

Former PM supports proposed ICAC legislations

In voicing his support, he has made the point that independence and transparency must be the cornerstone of the legislation and implementation moving forward.

“The ICAC legislation has been in development for several years, having first been proposed by PNC in 1997,” Mr. O’Neill said.

“Despite many bureaucratic delays, it now is at a point whereby Parliament can debate and then vote clear legislation into law.

“But there must not be compromise on the basic tenants of independence of the ICAC that is above reproach.

O’Neill questioned over purchase of generators: Police

Assistant Commissioner Crimes, Hodges Ette, confirmed that O’Neill was brought in for questioning this afternoon upon his return from Brisbane, Australia.

ACP Hodges said all COVID-19 protocols were strictly observed when O’Neill was brought in for questioning.

Police allege that:

Former PM apprehended

He was picked up by members of the Fraud Squad at the Jackson’s International Airport earlier today, when he arrived into the country.

Also in his company was his wife Lynda Babao.

Details of his apprehension will soon be released by the fraud squad.

Numu joins Govt

The PNG One Nation Party Leader was welcomed on Wednesday by Prime Minister James Marape and coalition members.

“I am happy that Governor Numu is making that call at this juncture in this Parliaments life, and this sort of affirmation of solidarity gives certainty t our Government to hold fort until we conclude this term of parliament,” said Marape.

Numu joins the coalition Government after leaving the Government rans under the former coalition led by   Ialibu-Pangi MP, Peter O’Neill.