Peter O'Neill

​No DSIP cut: PM

In a statement, the PM said the supplementary budget maintains focus on core service delivery.

Despite criticisms, PM O’Neill is confident with the supplementary budget, to be tabled in the upcoming session of Parliament commencing on 26th September, 2017.

“The 2017 budget plan was based on commodity prices for our exports together with revenue generation,” the Prime Minister said.

“We are still in a challenging global economic environment with a slow rebound in commodity prices, and this places pressure on expenditure.”

O’Neill calls for unity

He said with the current economic crisis the country is facing, the global economy is uncertain, with the risk of conflict and economic instability.

“Our country joins with our partners around the world to deal with the greatest challenges.

“Challenges like climate change are real, and has caused extreme weather in our country and around the Pacific.

“From devastating tropical storms to extreme drought, homes and communities have been damaged and lives have been lost.

“We must prepare for future disasters.”

PM O’Neill admits issues affecting country

Speaking at the Independence Hill to mark the country’s 42 year’s anniversary, O’Neill said our country is very unique as we have tens of thousands of years of history, different cultures but have united as one people.

“We need to focus on what we can do to play a part in our national development – both as individuals and in our communities.

“The opportunities before our country are great, but there is a lot of work ahead for each of us if we are to reach our true national potential.”

VIDEO: PM on medicine supply issue

He said the only problem is the delay is the delivery. 
The Prime Minister says issues affecting the delivery have been identified and dealt with. 

PM: PNG Games will be delivered

He said one of such is the hosting of PNG Games in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

O'Neill in a media briefing on Thursday said he will be meeting with WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel next week and set a date for the event.

He said sports is one of the top priority for the government since taking office and they will make sure to fulfill all its commitments.

"We are going to assist WNB to host the games," says O'Neill


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PM commits to serve people

O’Neill made these remarks during the first parliament sitting on Tuesday.

“We will execute the mandate that has been entrusted to us with diligence and compassion and will work day-and-night to deliver the infrastructure and the services that will continue to strengthen our economy and our communities.

“This is our pledge that our Government makes to our people.

“We will certainly not let you down, and we will deliver to your expectations.”

​Country’s population unknown: O’Neill

“We really do not know how many people live in our country.

“We have estimates, but these are not accurate enough,” O’Neill said in Parliament on Tuesday during the first 10th Parliament sitting.

He said the Government needs to re-establish a National Data Collection Centre so that we can plan better and we can develop policies that better reflect the population distribution in our country.

“Accurate population data is key for proper public policy planning and monitoring. 

PM applauds PNG Mosquitoes

"The PNG Mozzies have made our nation proud with their solid performance to win the AFL International Cup against our friends from New Zealand,” PM O’Neill said in a statement.

"It was a tough match-up of two very good teams and it was very well done by our boys to maintain their focus and win the game.

“As back-to-back champions, you have a lot to be proud of, and each of you is an inspiration to the youths of our nation.

“The Mozzies have again made Papua New Guinea proud and carried our flag high for the world to see.

Namah served contempt documents

Before a scheduled media conference today, Namah was served the documents by Twivey Lawyers at his home in Port Moresby.

Namah said he will challenge the proceeding saying there is no case against him.

Just minutes after being served, Namah said the contempt proceeding was a delay tactic to deviate, deflect and downplay the main issue which were the alleged corrupt allegations against the Prime Minister.

PM’s arrest warrant stayed

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia granted the stay order this afternoon.

This means the arrest warrant that was issued by the Waigani District Court, on 12 June 2014, cannot be effected by police on the Prime Minister until the court determines the appeal.

PM O’Neill’s lawyers filed the appeal in the Supreme Court yesterday to challenge the decision of the National Court, which dismissed the judicial review former Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki filed in 2014.