O’Neill Condemns Tari Killings

The Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill has condemned the recent killings in Tari, Hela Province.

"James Marape, as Prime Minister and his Police Minister at the time, promised our people and the nation in 2019 that he will be go after the perpetrators that killed dozens of innocent men, women  
and children."

Mr O’Neill says nothing has been done to curb this escalating violence, and questioned the much publicised and costly gun buyback programme promoted by Hela Provincial Governor Philip Undialu and Tari Pori MP, Prime Minister Marape.

O’Neill went on to question the visit to Indonesia.

"There is zero business in Jakarta. Absolutely zero new investment will come out of this trip. “Marape should be in Tari with his people, giving comfort to those affected and provide leadership in resolving disputes that are causing this violence to continue.” 

“The people of Hela are good, hard-working people, they want to live in peace. They want their leaders to stand up and lead them through this difficult time."

PM Marape has said the visit to Indonesia was long planned for, and what happened in his Tari-Pori Electorate the night before the Indonesia visit, was coincidental. 

“I did not run away from responsibilities, far from it. 

"Police, and other agencies of Government, have been tasked to handle Tari-Pori and other national issues. 

"Tari is not burning,” the PM said.

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