Prime Minister

Nomane calls for Government to change

He said the reason being the government has yet to mitigate the nation's youth bulge pandemic, create safe communities, leverage its geopolitical strength to rapidly create mass employment through foreign direct investment, and promote sustainable resource management that benefits landowners.

Finalizing negotiations for trade office

He also praised the Government for hosting the inaugural PNG-Asia Investment forum in Hong Kong and opening of a trade mission in Shenzhen, in the Republic of China.

A team will visit Shenzhen in the coming weeks to finalize  negotiations on the office space for the trade mission and to cost out the whole setup and operation.

The position of the trade commissioner will be advertised  as soon as possible.

PM Marape hails French President’s visit

The visit marks a significant milestone as it will be the first time a French president has visited an independent country in the Pacific.

PM Marape views President Macron's visit as a testament to Papua New Guinea's growing global connectivity and prominence on the international stage.

He expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities the visit will bring to strengthen ties between the two nations and promote bilateral cooperation.

Defence Pact must align with Constitution

“Not at this stage, for me I must not break any law that governs our country and so measuring up to what is expected from both sides and there proposal too is not way off but within reach again wording must be something my cabinet and parliament must approve and knowing what is expected on my side I think my team,” stated Marape.

The Prime Minister acknowledged then Foreign Minister, Justin Tkatchenko and Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso on the presentative and the establishment made in regards to the treaty as the exchange is currently going well.

Review into Australia Defence Treaty

Australia Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, was also in attendance of the Korea-Pacific Islands Summit and spoke to PM Marape on the margins of the meeting in regards to the Treaty.

PM shares of successful trip to Korea

The bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck-soo and key leaders, was significant. The PM emphasized that PNG could learn many lessons from the third biggest economy.

Bank of China Rep office welcomed

The momentous occasion was also attended by Bank of China Chairman, Ge Haijiao, and Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Zeng Fanhua. Members of parliament and the private sector were also there in support.

Marape commended and welcomed the Bank of China for stepping into developing economies like PNG because they only have offices in bigger economies like Australian and New Zealand.

Ministers to meet before parliament

His announcement of minister and departmental meet also includes the forum with governors to address more functions in the Provincial level.

“We will go through what we have done in the first six months, what we have done since government formation last August for us to report to the country in the upcoming sitting of parliament,” said the Prime Minister. “The country expects to know what we have done thus far, myself Deputy Prime Minister and senior ministers will meet to ensure the country’s report card is ready.”

PNG Mourns A Vibrant Leader

“We pray for God’s Hand on the country at this sad time and it is a big loss to his family, people of Bulolo, Morobe, United Labour Party and Papua New Guinea, as we try to come to terms with his passing,” said the Prime Minister.

PM Marape said he was a strong member of the present generation of leaders in Government who had the country at heart

“What makes his untimely passing even sadder is the fact that it happened only hours before nominations open for the 2022 General Election.

Gov’t Committed In Serving Rural People

He made this remark at Ponowi Village in Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province, last Friday, January 28, 2022, when officiating at the launching of Siwi Utame Agro Technical High School and Siwi Utame Loop Road.

Both projects are of the Southern Highlands Provincial Government with support from the National Government.

“My Government is visiting the most-remote parts of Papua New Guinea,” Marape said before leaving by helicopter for Kapuna in Kikori, Gulf, to open a new Level 4 hospital.