Minister for Justice and Attorney General

Minister stresses on whistleblowers' legislation

That protection must now be given through the whistleblowers’ legislation, says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davis Steven.

Papua New Guinea’s rating on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) that is revealed yearly by Transparency International PNG has not improved much in recent years.

Corruption is rife but while efforts are being made to improve our CPI rating, people with information or whistle blowers must be protected.

Atoni Jeneral rausim oda bilong stopim mosen

Loya bilong Manase, John Griffin, i bin kisim bek dispela aplikesen aster long taim tripela Suprim Kot jas, Jastis Derek Hartshorn, Collin Makail, na Oagile Bethuel Dingake i sindaun long harim.

Long Me 15 Manase i bin redim wanpela Aplikesen long stopim Palamen na Praivet Bisnis Komiti long harim wanpela notis bilong mosen bilong vot i no gat bilip (VONCM) we Oposisen i bin kamapim long Me 7.  

Tasol Lida bilong Oposisen, Patrick Pruaitch i bin rausim pinis VONCM long Mande Me 20, wantaim James  Marape, man husat ol i redim long kisim sia bilong Praim MInista.

AG withdraws stay application

The application was withdrawn on Wednesday May 22nd by Manase’s lawyer, John Griffin QC, before a three men bench consisting of Justice Derek Hartshorn, Collin Makail, and Oagile Bethuel Dingake.

The stay application to restrain Parliament and the Private Business Committee from entertaining or dealing with the notice of a motion for a vote of no confidence was filed by Manase on May 15th in relation to the VONCM filed by the Opposition on May 7th.

Justice dept issues appeal following kidnapping scare

Furthermore, the public has been advised to contact the National Anti-Human Trafficking Secretariat in the department.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Alfred Manase said the ministry is on standby to assist police to deal with suspected incidences of human trafficking and alleged kidnappings.

“The department will shortly look at the relevant provisions of the criminal code to ensure that people are protected, and if there is any absence in the legislative framework to ensure that people are held accountable for kidnapping,” said the Minister.

Housing issues plague magistrates

Minister Steven says he has asked officers within his department to get Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim to provide a report to his office for an appropriate response.

“I am aware about the funding difficulty that the Chief Magistrate is experiencing in managing our lower courts.”

He made these comments when this newsroom enquired about what his department is doing to address magistrates’ housing issues after fire gutted a unit at the Numapo Apartments at Henao Drive, Port Moresby, on February 14.

63 legal officers upskilled

The workshop was officially opened by the Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davis Steven, who emphasised the important role of the Public Solicitor’s Office in providing legal aid under the Constitution to fellow Papua New Guineans.

Some of Papua New Guinea’s most senior lawyers, including His Honour, Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, former Justice Goodwin Poole and the Acting Public Solicitor, Leslie Mamu, delivered training in topics including human rights, civil and criminal trial procedure, matrimonial law, estate planning and Supreme Court appeals.

Policies should not be detrimental to PNG: Steven

The Attorney General said his ministry will ensure that this does not happen and this will be through working coherently with other State ministries and institutions.

Steven highlighted the National Trade Policy which was launched early this month.

He said he has put together a team to look through the Policy so the Ministry can take actions that are necessary on their part to begin work on it.