Gazelle District Presents Acquittals

The district presented its district support grants (DSG) and district service improvement program (DSIP) funds and presented acquittal of log export development levy (LEDL) to the Minister for Forestry, Walter Schnaubelt.

The acquittals covered 2019- 2020 DSIP, DSG and LEDL funds and 2018 DSG.

COVID-19 acquittals needed

Namah said large amounts of money were released, and need to be acquitted.

He challenged the Prime Minister to make public details of the COVID-19 operations.

“He must publish acquittals (accounts and details) and account for the first K24 million, the K600 million roll out, the K1.2 billion soft loan from Australia and all subsequent gifts, grants and loans,” the Opposition Leader said.

Talasea district submits LEDL funds acquittals

Governor Francis Maneke when handing over the acquittals said Talasea district wants to be different from other provinces and acquit its LEDL funds appropriately.

“For the first time, the Talasea district wants to comply with the requirements set by the Forestry on the usage of the LEDL funds in the district.

“More importantly, the funds that have been given to us as a district but were used accordingly.”