Belden Namah

Polye shows support for Namah

Polye attended Namah’s first tribunal hearing where he appeared with his lawyer Greg Sheppard before members of the Leadership Tribunal.

The brief tribunal sitting later saw both leaders walked out the Court precinct after it was adjourned to next week Monday.

A proper tribunal hearing is expected to commence on Monday with the presentation of the reference by the Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin to Namah.

Namah fails review of Tribunal appointment

Namah filed an application early this week seeking  a review of the appointment of a Leadership Tribunal that was done by the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia on October 9.

He was also seeking to review the decisions of the Ombudsman Commission on April 13 this year to refer him to the Public Prosecutor and the decision of the Public Prosecutor on August 13 asking  the Chief Justice to appoint a leadership tribunal.

Namah is due in court tomorrow (October 23) for his Leadership Tribunal hearing. He is facing 15 allegations of misconduct in office.

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Islands nations should press Australia and NZ on climate change: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye says Pacific Island leaders who will gather for the 46th Pacific Island Forum meeting should make a strong statement on damages to pacific island countries by climate change.

Namah joyful over court ruling on no-confidence motions

Namah told reporters today that the amendments to sections 145 and sections 142 of the Constitution made it difficult for the legislature to exercise its powers to remove the executive government with the requirements of 22 signatures and a one month grace period.

“This is a check and balance mechanism provided by the Constitution (which) keeps any government of the day accountable and responsible. The amendments defeated the intent and spirit of this provision,” he says.

Public Prosecutor requests appointment of Tribunal for Namah

Pondros Kaluwin said there is enough evidence to ask the Chief Justice to appoint a tribunal.

This includes a 2011 incident where Namah stormed the National Court building at Waigani and ordered the arrest of Chief Justice Salamo Injia during the political impasse.

He was accompanied by police and soldiers at the time where Judiciary Service staff were assaulted and property damaged.