Namah urges Govt to close isolation facilities

Leader of the Opposition, Belden Namah has called on the Government to shut down the COVID-19 isolation facilities and ban all flights and ships coming in from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Namah said placing COVID-19 patients in isolation facilities is driving fear and depression in the minds of the patients and could cause complications which could lead to death. He recommends that the patients should be sent home to self-isolate.

“COVID-19 has no medicinal cure, so what is the point of isolating COVID-19 patients. We admit patients to the ward because doctors and nurses can treat them,” said Namah.  

He added: “Isolation at home is the best treatment for COVID-19 patients, that’s what the Opposition would recommend to ever citizen of our country. The better environment for a patient is at home,” Mr Namah said.

He said staying home, observing the new normal protocols, steaming regularly, drinking hot lemon tea with ginger is the best remedy the government should be giving to our people.

Namah said the COVID-19 deaths at the isolation facilities is because the patients have been isolated from their family and friends.  

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