Maru Disputes Yama’s Claims

He said the claims were untrue. Maru was responding to claims made by Yama in a letter dated 1st August to the Electoral Commissioner to sideline the Returning officer for Madang.
Yama stated that the RO was sighted at the same vicinity as the Member-elect for Yangoru-Saussia with some police personnel and member-elect for Usino-Bundi at the same time. 

Pape Clarifies Misleading Claims

Pape, a member of the Certified Fraud Examiner (American Association) and a Certified Practicing Accountant PNG in a statement singled out that he was recommended by the development partners and donors to review the Covid-19 Funds considering he is one of the few top forensic investigation experts operating in PNG.

He said he has no issues with Namah’s referral of the case to the courts, however, the manner in which the information was laid out was improper and that he was merely the “scapegoat”.

He wishes to clear the air and put the record straight.

Trump dismisses E. Jean Carroll rape allegation as 'fiction'

The US president says he never met E. Jean Carroll and accusing her of making up the allegation to sell a new book.

Ms Carroll says she did not report the alleged attack at the time after being advised by a friend she had no chance of winning in court.

Her story was published in New York magazine on Friday.

More than a dozen women have previously made sexual misconduct allegations against Mr Trump, which he has denied.



Evidence against former auditor-general ‘insufficient’

The charges emanate from allegations of two audit contracts awarded to Frank Benabo and associates, to conduct an audit inspection on the Aitape and Mendi DSIP books in 2012 and 2013.

The main whistle blowers were former employees whose case remain subject to legal proceedings in the higher courts.

It is alleged no work was done and no report was provided for the private accounting firm engaged.

The Waigani Committal Court today dismissed the fraud case against Nauga, of Boregaina village, Rigo district, Central Province.

Policeman arrested over bribery claims

Senior Sergeant Terry, the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Minor Crimes Unit, is currently heading an investigation into a suspected human trafficking, uttering of government documents and other related transnational crimes, including a suspected visa and passport racketeering.

Case struck out, pastor to continue work

Pastor Jack was arrested and charged on April 8th 2018 over allegations of fraud and uttering, which was also publicised following a media conference by Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

The Pastor said the decision by the Committal Court to strike out his case should put to rest any allegations and rumours that have tarnished his name.

Pastor Jack was alleged to have fraudulently acquired a portion of land titled 3683 Granville (Gerehu) designated under an Urban Development Lease (UDL).

Foreigner arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police

The suspect, namely Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, China, and managing director of A & D Consultancy Limited, allegedly offered K10,000 cash to the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Police Station minor crimes unit in the National Capital District, Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry.

Police alleged that the bribe was offered as an inducement for police to stop the ongoing investigation and to release confiscated documents and items back to Zhiyuan’s custody.

3 more Gulf men arrested for fraud

The first arrest was carried out on 2 February in NCD, which saw Luke Damu from Wowobo village, Kikori District, get charged with:

  • One count of official corruption
  • One count of false pretence
  • Four counts of making documents without authority
  • Two counts of conspiracy to defraud
  • One count of offering bribery and
  • One count of misappropriation of K274,250.28 belonging to Gopera Investment Ltd


Kaino heads home to deal with family matter

His return to New Zealand followed the publication of a story in The Daily Telegraph this morning which alleged the married All Black had a relationship with a former Australian model.

NZR said it could not comment on the Kaino allegations or further details about Aaron Smith's personal life which were published today as both were "personal matters".

But NZR said it felt for all of those affected.

Chief Executive Steve Tew said the NZR understood that the game and players were under public scrutiny and these latest stories in the media were concerning.

Manus MP furious over alleged assault of 10yo

He wants the accused perpetrator be made an example of.

The irate member is now demanding the removal of all those processed at the Manus centre before his people “rise up against them”.

“These are only the cases that are made public. There are many unreported.”

He says the refugee should be castrated.

“If it was my daughter, mi no nap ke lo kalabus!” (I will not care about going to jail.)