US opens up to fully vaccinated travellers

From November, foreign travellers will be allowed to fly into the US if they are fully vaccinated, and undergo testing and contact tracing.

The US has had tough restrictions on travel in place since early last year.

The move answers a major demand from European allies, and means that families and friends separated by the restrictions can be reunited.

White House Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients announced the new rules on Monday, saying: "This is based on individuals rather than a country-based approach, so it's a stronger system."

Daru Hospital loses a doctor to COVID-19

The female doctor, (name withheld) became the latest death from Daru due to COVID-19, in less than two weeks. This was revealed in a statement released by the Deputy Controller of the Pandemic, Dr. Esorom Daoni on Monday. 

The deceased female doctor was medevacked to Port Moresby when she suffered severe distress but sadly she succumbed to the disease.  It is reported that Daru Hospital has lost three people to COVID-19 in less than two weeks. 

“These are people who are still in their prime age, but that’s what COVID-19 does,” Dr. Daoni said.

Vaccination rollout set to begin for Fijian children

The Moderna vaccine will be used in the rollout that begins on Monday.

Health Secretary James Fong said the Moderna vaccine would be rolled out by school clusters across the country.

Dr Fong said unlike the workforce, vaccination for children would only be conducted with the consent of parents or guardians.

Parents and guardians will need to sign a consent form for their children to receive the vaccine, he said.

He said parents could register their child online through the Vaccine Registry Portal which is available from this weekend.

American Samoa records its first COVID-19 case

The positive case was a passenger who arrived on the September 13 flight from Hawaii according to Department of health officials.

The passenger is now in isolation for 14-days for observation and additional tests.

This was confirmed by the territory's acting governor Talauega Eleasalo Ale, during a press conference, where he was surrounded by health officials.

New Caledonia extends lockdown

On Thursday, seven deaths from COVID-19 were recorded, the heaviest daily toll since the discovery of the first indigenous cases of the disease on September 6.

It brings the death toll to 24 since September 6, announced by President Louis Mapou, during a joint speech with the French High Commissioner, Patrice Faure.

A total of 211 people are in hospital, including 29 in intensive care.

Additional K12m COVID-19 Support

This assistance will help accelerate widespread and equitable access to and delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, strengthen health systems, and support other public health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 and the recent emergence of the Delta variant in Papua New Guinea.

U.S. Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu Erin E. McKee said, “Papua New Guinea is working hard to address the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic within its communities.”

Vaccinated people can still get infected: Prof

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines breakthrough infection as "an infection of a fully vaccinated person".

Member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee, Professor John Vince, clarified that the COVID-19 vaccine protects you against severe infection and death.

‘An embarrassment’: Messi fumes as officials try to deport players in ‘crazy scenes’

Amid incredible scenes at Sao Paulo’s Neo Quimica Arena, the match between the two giants of South American football came to a halt when a group of Brazilian public health officials came onto the pitch, triggering a melee involving team staff and players.

Argentina’s players trudged off the pitch to the locker room as the furore arranged.

Argentina captain Lionel Messi later re-emerged from the tunnel without his team shirt on as confusion swept around the stadium.

Get Jabbed For A Free Ticket

Martin Aihi, 38, from the Central Province was excited to receive his free ticket to the Waghi Tumbe (Jiwaka) vs Mendi Muruks (SHP) finals game after receiving his COVID-19 vaccine at the ISOS Clinic, Oil Search National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

Martin, who works as the facilities lead with Peuna in Port Moresby, said that COVID-19 is real and is in existence across the world, including Papua New Guinea.

He elaborated that the vaccine will protect himself and importantly his family from serious illness due to the virus.

Govt orders indefinite ban

National Pandemic Controller and Commissioner of Police David Manning made this known after the India High Commission in Port Moresby deliberately participated in bringing in unauthorized passengers into the country, four of whom were infected with COVID-19