Corona Virus

Manning Calls For Caution On Omicron

He said the Government has preparations in place to deploy a rapid response to the new threat, drawing from lessons learned during the recent spread of the Delta variant around the country.

While scientists continue their investigation into the new variant, the Controller Manning said people around the world must be patient and ready to respond.

COVID-19 Cripples Mendi Hospital

Unconfirmed reports from within Mendi hospital stated that out of the 1400 people who have been tested for COVID-19 under rapid testing, 550 were confirmed cases. Alarmingly, 11 deaths recorded so far were COVID-19 related with 55 have been admitted in the wards and 35 very ill people are camping in tents outside the hospital, as there is no space in the hospital.

From the 11 that passed on, eight are male and three females but many who have died outside the hospital are not on record.

CIC Kainantu staff vaccinated

It is being assisted by Gerard Saleau, a research officer with the PNG Institute of Medical Research (IMR).

After having difficulty convincing people to come forward to take the vaccination, Public Health Director, Dr. Max Manape considers this as a breakthrough in carrying out the Covid-19 Astra Zenecca vaccination in the province.

On Tuesday 29th June the Covid-19 response team responded to the call by the CIC Research Institute at Aiyura to go and administer vaccine doses to staff and the coffee growers within the surrounding community.

JICA donates masks to National Department of Health


The masks were donated by Japanese cosmetic and dietary supplement company, FANCL CORPORATION and made possible through the JICA Volunteer “Smile for all in the World” program.

Senior Representative of JICA, Takahiro Yokota, officially handed over the masks to the Deputy Assistant Controller and Health Department Deputy Secretary, Dr Paison Dakulala.


Firstly, JICA applauds the National Government for the great effort against the current COVID-19 situation and ensuring all other health issues apart from COVID-19 are addressed accordingly.