National Control Centre (NCC)

Sensitive Covid data stolen

Police are now investigating the matter. They believe it is an inside job. The matter was reported by an employee at NCC, who said the computer set including relevant hardware, were taken.

The equipment was taken from the workstation of the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Controller and Incident Management officer.

NCC still operational

Despite the recent closure of the NCD Provincial Health Authority COVID-19 activities, the center is still releasing daily updates that are circulated widely, and managing the national pandemic response.

The NCC has 11 clusters fully operational. These include Incident Management, surveillance & rapid response, laboratory, risk communication and community engagement (RCCE), Niupla Pasin, Clinical Management, Infection, Control and Prevention, Vaccine and testing, Partner Coordination, Provincial Response Coordination and Call Centre.

21 New Cases Reported

In the last 14 days, 113 people were, with a cumulative 706 Delta cases. The death toll remains at 597.

So far there has been 35,838 recoveries from 36,548 confirmed cases, with only one cumulative case of Omicron.

Meanwhile vaccination rates are still way below expectation with total doses administered at 391, 266. Persons with at least one dose is at 292, 091 which is 15.6 per cent of the expected target, while the number of persons fully vaccinated is 230, 848 which is only 12.3 per cent of the expected target.