Belden Namah

Namah, Basil say sorry to Chief Somare

He said Sir Michael was a true father that always had a forgiving heart for his children.

Namah said what transpired was politics and nothing personnel.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil also apologised to Sir Michael for what they had done in 2011.

He said they realised that they did make a mistake with their actions in forcefully removing Sir Michael.

Basil also publicly apologised to Sir Michael in Wewak during Sir Michael’s 80th Birthday anniversary in March.

No-confidence vote is a democratic process: Namah

The Vanimo Green MP has thrown his support behind Opposition Leader Don Poyle’s Supreme Court appeal to ask Parliament to reconvene.

Parliament was adjourned last week Wednesday to August 2, one day after the Opposition filed the VONC motion.   

“This issue about Peter O’Neill is not a new issue; I made it very clear I decided to move away from this man on 11 August 2011 because I have seen who this guy is,” Namah told media this afternoon.  

“This guy is bad for our country and democracy.

Namah calls for PNG to remove PM

In 2014, the then opposition leader Belden Namah challenged the deal between Australia and PNG to open the Manus centre for offshore processing of asylum seekers who had tried to reach Australia.

PNG's Supreme Court last month ruled that the Manus arrangement was illegal.

Belden Namah said the ruling nearly three weeks ago showed that Mr O'Neill attempted to vandalise and compromise PNG's constitution to serve the policy interests of a foreign government.

Police Prosecutor seeks to dismiss Namah reference

Kandi Laias who is acting for the Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin, the second defendant in Namah’s case against the Leadership Tribunal indicated in court today (Feb 22) they will be filing an application to dismiss the entire proceeding at the Supreme Court.

Namah succeeds in staying tribunal

The National Court granted the stay order this morning, pending the hearing and determination of four questions referred to the Supreme Court.

The questions relate to section 18 (2) of the constitution.

Acting Judge Danajo Koeget allowed Namah's application after the constitutional questions were presented to him in court yesterday.

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Namah’s constitutional questions finalised

Constitutional questions surrounding the legality of the appointment of the Leadership Tribunal by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia to hold an inquiry against Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah have been finalised.

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Potape voted in as new Hela Governor

Komo-Magarima MP Francis Potape has been voted in as the new governor for Hela province after a provincial assembly meeting was conducted in Tari yesterday.


Condom scandal: Chiefs to discuss actions against police

Leave to stay Namah tribunal refused

It ruled this morning to allow the tribunal to continue its sitting which will resume next week Monday (Nov 23).

Justice David Cannings however accepted Namah’s application to add the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia as one of the respondents in the proceeding at the National Court.

He ordered that Namah’s amended originating summons filed on November 12 be further amended to include Sir Salamo as the fourth defendant.

Members of the tribunal, Justice Goodwin Poole and senior magistrates Mark Selefkaru and Ernest Wilmont are the first respondents.

Namah moves to declare tribunal appointment ‘invalid’

The application today comes after the National Court on October 29 temporarily stayed the Leadership tribunal reconvening until November 6.

Namah’s lawyer Greg Sheppard moved the motion this morning saying the appointment of the tribunal by the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia was unconstitutional and invalid as the Chief Justice was involved in one of the allegations in Namah’s referral.

He said being involved in one of the allegations, the Chief Justice ought not to have appointed the tribuna,l saying the appointment was invalid.

Namah appears before Tribunal

 Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin who is assisting the tribunal in its investigation revealed a number of allegations among the 15 allegations Namah was referred over will be withdrawn.

The sitting progressed with only directions this morning and has since been adjourned to Monday (Oct 26) after lunch.

Kaluwin told the tribunal that among the allegations that will be withdrawn against Namah includes the allegation in relation to the seed money for Sandaun Free trade and purchase of properties in Samoa.