Namah calls for Minister Tkatchenko’s resignation

Outspoken Parliamentarian, Belden Namah is calling on Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko to explain to the people Papua New Guinea the quotes that are attributed to him on the Australian media.

Namah is the Chairman of the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Immigrations and Defence and takes this stance on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea.

Minister Tkatchenko is reported to have told the ABC Pacific Beat that Papua New Guineans who responded furiously to a TikTok video posted by his daughter Savannah were “useless people” and “primitive animals”.

“I am calling on the Foreign Affairs Minister to confirm or deny that he uttered those descriptions of citizens of Papua New Guinea which has been kind enough to offer him naturalized citizenship

“If he has indeed uttered those despicable words then I am calling on Justin Tkatchenko to immediately resign as Foreign Affairs Minister and as Member of Parliament and further renounce his citizenship,” said Namah.

“The "useless people" and "primitive animals" of this country have ensured he grew his business, gave him a wife, offered him citizenship, elected him into public office, made him a minister and sent him and his daughter to London.

“Alternatively, I am calling on the Prime Minister to sack him immediately and withdraw his citizenship,” he said.

“I am also calling on the Immigration Minister to direct the Chief Migration Officer to immediately call a Citizenship Board Meeting to deal with Justin Tkatchenko.”

Namah said the agenda of the meeting should be Justin Tkatchenko breaching citizenship laws, rules and regulations of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

“As to the TikTok video, it just reveals the kind of shallow mentality and disregard for Papua New Guineans. It is unfortunate.

Meantime, Minister Tkatchenko when contacted could not respond for further comments.

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