Law & Order

ENB law and order prioritised

This funding aid is in response to the escalating law and order problems faced in the four districts of the province over recent years.

Governor and Chairman of Finance, Michael Marum, announced this during his budget speech, saying the funding will target two key areas of special security operations and community policing.

The law and order sector gets the second largest allocation of K12 million from this year’s budget of K519,816,218.

Police address homebrew issues in Hanuabada

The joint effort between police units in NCD, the Motu Koita Police Reservist Unit and leaders of Hanuabada, ends today.

The purpose of the awareness is to inform the general public and the people of Hanuabada that an enforcement team will be effecting arrest on anyone involved in the production and sale of the illicit spirit.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika, said police service to Hanuabada was cut off since 2014 following the shooting death of two local men. Sika said with that case now resolved, policing into the big village is necessary.

Main victims of tribal warfare

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas acknowledged this when presenting a cheque for K300,000 to Wabag Primary School on Thursday, October 26th. 

“This is a reality that those involved in tribal fighting don’t realise,” Sir Peter said.

He said the grassroots people who are killing each other and destroying properties, including schools, must “stop this evil” as they are destroying the future of their own children. 

Governor Marum address Rabaul unrest

The town, in the past four weeks has experienced a spate of law and order issues resulting in loss of business, schools and key institutions such as health and banking services affected, a number of families losing homes and damaged properties.

The two security firms- Black Fox Security Services and NKCL Security will help the police and focus on keeping the access road from Rapolo junction to Rabaul Town patrolled and free of loitering groups harassing travelers.

Madang riots condemned

He is taking full responsibility of the situation as Governor of the province for and on behalf of the people of Madang. Pariwa said to utilize all machinery of the Government of Madang to bring to justice all the perpetrators involved in the killing, and ensure that such incidents never happen again in the future.

He also condemned the actions of the opportunists who took advantage of the situation to go on a rampage in Madang town, harassing innocent commuters and damaging private and state properties. This includes the provincial government office and the Provincial Assembly.

Law and order prioritised in Morobe

Provincial administrator, Max Bruten, said this has been his focus when he took office in October 2022. 

He has been stressing the need to create a conducive environment for investors and businesses in Morobe Province.

“I will be ensuring to support law and order, to ensure that whoever the culprits are – if you break the law – we will apprehend you and we will deal with you accordingly,” he stated.

Bruten made this statement after the conviction of 33 men for fighting at Serembeng village in Finschhafen, Morobe Province.

Peace Restored in Hoskins

The police acted promptly and currently, nine suspects are in police custody, with three individuals apprehended on Monday and an additional six captured on wednesday.

Responding to the escalating tension, an emergency meeting was convened among local leaders including Member for Nakanai and Oil Palm Minister, Francis Maneke, to discuss immediate police intervention.

Youth voluntarily surrender to police

Bialla Police Station Commander, Chief Sergeant Hilary Sirinjui, confirmed that the group will undergo profiling before being released into the care of the Bialla United Church, which played a pivotal role in facilitating their surrender. This mass surrender marks a significant milestone for Bialla, a first of its kind in the area.

Burning of bus sparks tension

The relatively new bus, less than a year old, became the center of a conflict that unfolded between different communities in the area.

In response to the arson, residents of Kasia and Galewale took matters into their own hands by setting up roadblocks along the main Hoskins Koumumu Road. This disrupted the normal flow of traffic, inconveniencing commuters.

Suspects linked to Koki riot arrested

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika personally led this operation, demonstrating the police's commitment to ensuring public safety.

The unrest in Koki began when a man was killed, triggering a wave of violence and chaos. Opportunistic individuals took advantage of the situation, engaging in acts of looting, vandalizing shops, and damaging vehicles traveling along Healy Road. The extent of the damage, loss, and injuries caused by this unrest is still being assessed.