Morobe Provincial Administration

Law and order prioritised in Morobe

Provincial administrator, Max Bruten, said this has been his focus when he took office in October 2022. 

He has been stressing the need to create a conducive environment for investors and businesses in Morobe Province.

“I will be ensuring to support law and order, to ensure that whoever the culprits are – if you break the law – we will apprehend you and we will deal with you accordingly,” he stated.

Bruten made this statement after the conviction of 33 men for fighting at Serembeng village in Finschhafen, Morobe Province.

Morobe’s fight against GBV

On the third day of Hearing, the GEWE and GBV Committee used the to engage with Sub-national governments in the country as well for the committee to have an idea on where the provincial administrations are putting their efforts into in addressing GBV and Social Related Violence.

Morobe’s Deputy Provincial Administrator, Robin Bazzinuc, stated that in 2015-17 a roll- out the Strategic plan with five pillars was made;

School queries K500,000 contract

The provincial works division awarded the half-a-million Kina project to a former politician’s son in 2019. Despite receiving the funding, iron rods sticking out of the ground are the only evidence of attempts at construction.

The opening of Huonville Primary School’s state-of-the-art, 8-in-1 double-storey building shone a harsh light on the construction site right next to the new infrastructure.

Morobe’s retirees farewelled

It was a first-of-its-kind event in Morobe when a sendoff dinner was hosted in honour of 15 retirees at the Lae International Hotel.

Facilitated by the Morobe Provincial Administration’s human resource management division, the retirees, in the presence of their family members, received their retirement certificates with awards presented in recognition to the longest serving officers.