gender-based violence

NIP GBV secretariat receives K50, 000

The cheque was given as initial support to enhance the provincial government's efforts in reducing GBV issues and completing the Provincial GBV Strategy consultations.

Minister Peter acknowledged the Provincial Administration and Governor Sir Julius Chan for their tremendous work in the areas of gender, youth, and the wider social sector.

OFC creating a safer football future

It is reported that on average, 77 percent of children in the Pacific experience physical violence (Source: UNICEF) while 2 out of three Pacific women are impacted by gender-based violence.

OFC is committed to working towards a safer and inclusive future in football having already seen a positive impact from their integrated safeguarding programme.

BSP 3-year support of Grass Skirt Project

Both are working together to implement the ‘Grass Skirt Project: 10 Million Strong Leadership Program. The program was launched at Badihagwa Secondary School in Port Moresby.

The aim of the project is to spark student’s ability to identify red flags and cultivate environmental awareness on family, sexual and gender-based violence in their communities. 

The 10 Million Strong Leadership Program nurtures open communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence while reinforcing good behaviour and providing opportunities for youth development.

Morobe’s fight against GBV

On the third day of Hearing, the GEWE and GBV Committee used the to engage with Sub-national governments in the country as well for the committee to have an idea on where the provincial administrations are putting their efforts into in addressing GBV and Social Related Violence.

Morobe’s Deputy Provincial Administrator, Robin Bazzinuc, stated that in 2015-17 a roll- out the Strategic plan with five pillars was made;

K3mil to continue vital work

NCfR works in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB) to respond to gender-based violence through safe houses, counselling, and referrals.

The centre also works closely with schools, community advocates and churches on prevention programs and awareness raising among local communities throughout ARoB. Their focus on building non-violent communities by engaging with men and boys to bring about social change has been well-received on the ground.

UNDP partners with Police

This week saw a significant milestone with the official opening of two new office units for the Family Sexual Violence Unit at the Gordons and Badili Police Stations respectively. 

UNDP provided the infrastructure to allow highly trained and specialized police personnel to provide protection services and access to justice for survivors experiencing violence, especially for women and children. 

PNG Artists Advocacy on GBV

“No one talks about our Parliamentarian champions.”

“No one talks about our artists who are putting this in the spotlight. No one talks about our musicians who are inspiring communities. No one talks about our journalists, who are writing these stories and bringing these issues to the fore,” said Caroline Nyamayemombe, UN Women’s Deputy Country Representative, at the launch of the global Generation Equality Forum.

The forum will take place in Paris from 30 June to 2 July 2021.

Grieving uncle calls for justice

Four years later, the late Jenelyn Kennedy’s family members come out to tell a story of abuse and torture following her passing this week.

Elder brother Kiloh Maule Kennedy told this newsroom that prior to her death, she was reportedly tied and locked up in her room by her partner, Bosip Kaiwi.

“It was last week Thursday when she was locked up in her room at Korobosea. They were renting a place over there. She was locked up in the room with the babysitter,” Kennedy stated.

Governor expresses disbelief at young woman’s killing

The story was widely spread on social media yesterday (June 24th) after the Port Moresby General Hospital head of emergency, Dr Sam Yockopua, highlighted the bruises and fractures she suffered before her death on the night of June 23rd.

Dr Yockopua said: “It was obvious that she had been tied forcefully, her hands and feet showed all features suggesting how strongly the ropes were tied to the back.

Women confront the dual impact of a pandemic and a tropical cyclone

Although the Pacific has largely been spared by the spread of the disease relative to other regions around the world – with Fiji hardest hit of the six countries the UN Women’s Ending Violence Against Women and Girls programme works in, at 18 confirmed cases – all of which have since been cleared, and several countries without a recorded a case so far – the economic and social consequences have been deep.