Goroka town

Goroka marches against GBV

The march was organised to show support for Papua New Guinea’s 20 Days of Human Rights Activism campaign.

Men, women and youth carried placards, posters and banners as they weaved their way from Goroka’s Mambu market to the town square, before assembling at the Young Christian Centre Hall.

Speakers highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach among like-minded organisations to end gender-based violence.

Million Kina Goroka airport is now open

The new airport facility includes a new airport terminal and the upgrade of the runway, fencing and new fire engines funded by the Asian Development Bank and the PNG Government at K111 million.

The event today began with the traditional wash down of the Fokker 70 aircraft, under the command of Captain Francis Pohonhelan, into Goroka.

The new airport terminal as well as the upgraded runway was done under the Civil Aviation Development Infrastructure Program (CADIP).

Goroka ready for airport opening

The main road leading to the airport will be closed off today for the ceremony. Police went around on Monday informing residents of the event. 

A team of high level delegates from Port Moresby will be flying into Goroka today to open the new facility, which will boost tourism in the province, which is a satellite venue for the 2018 APEC Summit.

Works on the new terminal building and runway extension costs over K100 million and is funded by the Asian Development Bank and PNG Government.

Works begun following the contract signing in October 2015.

Make an exception for Goroka

But an exception can be made for Goroka town. Especially when the first thing you see is clean streets…smiling people…and beautiful artefacts lining the pathways; you know you’re at home.

Goroka is the capital of Eastern Highlands Province – home to PNG’s peace-loving and easy-going group of people.

It is the first province into the Highlands region, and can be seen as the centre point for trade, attracting those from nearby coastal provinces like Madang and Morobe.