Grass Skirt Project

BSP 3-year support of Grass Skirt Project

Both are working together to implement the ‘Grass Skirt Project: 10 Million Strong Leadership Program. The program was launched at Badihagwa Secondary School in Port Moresby.

The aim of the project is to spark student’s ability to identify red flags and cultivate environmental awareness on family, sexual and gender-based violence in their communities. 

The 10 Million Strong Leadership Program nurtures open communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence while reinforcing good behaviour and providing opportunities for youth development.

Students empowered to be advocates for change

14-week program aims to address harmful attitudes contributing to violence against women and empower students to become advocates of respect and equality within their communities.

Students at Badihagwa High School showed immense dedication as they embarked on the transformative journey, equipped with uniforms, journals, and notes. The vision and objectives of the Grass Skirt Project, combined with the empowering 10 Million Strong program, inspired them to take charge of their personal growth and become leaders in promoting a safer and more inclusive society.

Badihagwa school begins Grass Skirt Project

The program began on Monday July 10 and will run for 3 months. The goal is to spread the initiative to schools and communities in PNG.

Badihagwa Secondary School in Port Moresby was the starting point. Twenty male and female students were taken through a series of specially developed lessons to identify gender-based violence and its adverse effects and express disapproval towards damaging practices.

Nationwide art comp announced

Commencing on June 1, 2019, the Timothy Akis & Georgina Beier National Art Prize is a nationwide art competition for all Papua New Guineans that aims to harness the power of art as a therapeutic device, a tool for cultural preservation and an instrument from which to effect real social change in PNG.

The Prize is named after the first contemporary Papua New Guinean Artist, the late Timothy Akis, and the woman who developed his artistic talents, Georgina Beier, now 81 and living in New South Wales.

Rugby league carnival planned

International Women’s Day represents the perfect occasion to celebrate women and girls and share knowledge and resources on topics that affect them by convening a fun and energising event based on the PNG national sport – rugby league.

The Hevea Cup International Rugby League 9’s Carnival will comprise 24 teams; 12 men’s and 12 women’s, coming together from around PNG and the wider Pacific region to participate in sport-oriented community building and health promotion in a safe, inclusive environment while celebrating the vital role of women in PNG.

Shoes for Twilight Basketball

Twilight Basketball is an initiative that brings together children aged 15 and under to participate in games of 5 on 5, while participants 16 and over test their skills in games of 3 on 3 basketball every Friday night at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre.

“Most of the participants that come for Twilight Basketball play barefoot or share shoes between their friends,” said BFPNG’s Hoops for Health coordinator, Delisha Liri.

Empowering women through sports

Ideally, the mention of Tahina Booth will always have avid local sport followers taken back to the 2015 Pacific Games when she fell short of representing the country in powerlifting.

She had not received her dual citizenship in time.

That would have been the end of it many would have thought.

Instead the part Iokea lass took a seed out from the experience and out from it sprouted the Grass Skirt Project, a Not for Profit charity. (