East New Britain Provincial Government

ENB budget presented

Governor Nakikus Konga presented the K256 million budget to Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, yesterday in Port Moresby.

From the amount, the provincial government sum stands at K233,344,456 while the local level government’s budget stands at K22,820,800.

The ENB budget is framed against the Provincial Budget Framework Theme ‘Nurturing Sustainable Economic Growth and Development through Infrastructure and SME Development’.

Official warns against selling land to foreigners

The advisor of commerce to the provincial government, Henry Tavul, said: “Kokopo is almost sold out”.

He was speaking during the Bank South Pacific’s second road show in the province on Saturday.

During his presentation, he also made reference to the continuous influx of Asians into the province. Tavul advised the locals to be rational and not try to quickly remove the Asians.

“Slowly but surely, let’s replace them because if we do it quickly, we will suffocate our people,” he warned.

SMEs entrusted with the role of providing jobs

This is because it is heavily dependent on its entrepreneurs in the province to provide the targeted number of jobs that it aims to achieve in 2030.

“Apart from the National SME Policy, ENB has a draft SME Policy that awaits endorsement,” said Henry Tavul, the Advisor of Commerce to the ENB Provincial Government.

Tavul stated that there are also workshops and trainings that are being conducted, one of which is the financial literacy training that was rolled out to educate locals on basics such as cash management, savings and budgeting.

ENB government looks into landowners concerns

Disgruntled landowners took to the street of Rabaul town last Thursday closing down all port facilities, including the main entrance to the PNG Ports gate.

Acting Provincial Administrator for East New Britain, Wilson Matava, had gone to the landowners paying an amount of traditional shell money (tabu) to negotiate for the port gates to be re-opened of which Vanmark shipping at Atham Wharf and the PNG Ports Services were reopened soon after.