Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa

Pariwa urged to work with Lau

They made these calls following the arrival of Frank Lau yesterday in Madang after being successfully reinstated to his former position by the courts.

Arriving at the airport, Mr. Lau was welcomed by Senior Administration staff, the community, his supporters and staff.

Draft budget plan presented

Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa was very happy to see the turnout of this year’s budget plan as they never had assembly meetings in the last two years which has resulted in underutilizing funds and a huge roll over.

The first draft of the budget plan was tabled and deliberated on by the heads of different government sectors, and stakeholders who came to witness the budgetary allocations to each of their sectors this year.

Governor Pariwa said he was happy to have been part of the budget process. This will now allow him to have full visibility of the province’s expenditures.

Madang riots condemned

He is taking full responsibility of the situation as Governor of the province for and on behalf of the people of Madang. Pariwa said to utilize all machinery of the Government of Madang to bring to justice all the perpetrators involved in the killing, and ensure that such incidents never happen again in the future.

He also condemned the actions of the opportunists who took advantage of the situation to go on a rampage in Madang town, harassing innocent commuters and damaging private and state properties. This includes the provincial government office and the Provincial Assembly.

Election petition cases against Pariwa to proceed

Justice David Cannings delivered that the election petitions filed in court against the sitting regional MP will go to trial.

The first ruling was on objections filed by Mr. Pariwa and the PNGEC against Singirok (petitioner), disputing the election of Mr. Pariwa as member for Madang Provincial in the 2022 general election.

 Singirok’s petition contains two (2) grounds of challenge:

SME not for the faint hearted

This allocation has already been passed and is now awaiting the Madang provincial accounts to open, enabling the people of Madang to access these funds.

Food for Jomba detainees

The Governor’s Executive Officer, Ricky Mombi, delivered the rations on Friday 6th July at the Jomba Provincial Police headquarter.

Mombi said the assistance by the Governor’s Office was in response to a request from the Provincial Police for financial assistance to carry out essential functions.

The situation became critical in the last three months when debts where accumulated with the food supplier for detainees to the sum of K3000 owed by the Police Department.

Madang Tertiary students get support

Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa announced this last week witnessed by major sponsor Ramu Nickel. 

The Sir Peter Barter Education Scholarship program was initiated to remember one of Madang’s great leaders who had contributed a lot to the province.

He also thanked Ramu Nickel who is major sponsor of the scholarship program. He is pleased with the first part of the payment of more than K3 million for the school fees program.

Governor Pariwa thanked them for their assistance and looked forward to working with them in building the human resource of Madang.