Food donation

MaRa responds to Boisa with food

MaRa Community Development Officer Joseph Kintau said this donation is a temporary relief for the islanders who have lost food gardens and clean water due to the volcanic ash, drought and recent kind tides.

Boisa Island is a smaller island next to the volcanic Manam Island in Madang’s Bogia District.
Islanders have been left to scavenge for food and clean drinking water for months. Finally, their ward councillors had to go to the mainland to seek relief as the situation got tougher for their people.

Food for Jomba detainees

The Governor’s Executive Officer, Ricky Mombi, delivered the rations on Friday 6th July at the Jomba Provincial Police headquarter.

Mombi said the assistance by the Governor’s Office was in response to a request from the Provincial Police for financial assistance to carry out essential functions.

The situation became critical in the last three months when debts where accumulated with the food supplier for detainees to the sum of K3000 owed by the Police Department.

Hospital Gets Timely Support

The assistance of garden food and protein were worth K3000 and PNG Country Director, Priscilla Sine Mal said this is yet another donation from HOPE worldwide PNG to PMGH through Friends of POMGEN.

She said in October 2021, they donated K30,000 worth of PPE supplies to assist with COVD-19 response at PMGH.

Ms Mal said that as a local NGO serving PNG for over 20 years, they remain committed to serving the people in big and small ways by harnessing the local and international volunteers to serve.

DDA Funds Police Operation

Maprik District Administrator, Joseph Himina and team supported the police with K5700 worth of food for the operation in Maprik district and also assisted them with K30,000 worth of fuel for their operation.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the support from the government and the business houses show that the community and the police are working together to fight crime in the district and hopes to see a peaceful celebration all the way into the new year.

Church Donates Rations To NCDC

Despite its 44 years of existence in the country, this is the first time for the church to collaborate with NCDC in their charity mission.

Church Resident Minister, Brother Regino Bong Manangan Jnr, said it is a token to show that the church cares not only for the spiritual lives of the people but physically as well.