Madang Provincial Budget

Draft budget plan presented

Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa was very happy to see the turnout of this year’s budget plan as they never had assembly meetings in the last two years which has resulted in underutilizing funds and a huge roll over.

The first draft of the budget plan was tabled and deliberated on by the heads of different government sectors, and stakeholders who came to witness the budgetary allocations to each of their sectors this year.

Governor Pariwa said he was happy to have been part of the budget process. This will now allow him to have full visibility of the province’s expenditures.

Pariwa emphasises budget implementation

Pariwa stressed this during a draft budget presentation in Madang on Monday.

He told all sector heads how important it was to ensure that the money being allocated translates to the implementation of outstanding services needed by the people of Madang.

He emphasised to all provincial administration staff including the administrator Frank Lau that as the government of the day, he will be in charge of decision-making whilst they play their part as implementers.