Pariwa urged to work with Lau

Leaders and landowner representatives from Madang have called on Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa to put aside his differences with Frank Lau and start working together for the betterment of Madang Province.

They made these calls following the arrival of Frank Lau yesterday in Madang after being successfully reinstated to his former position by the courts.

Arriving at the airport, Mr. Lau was welcomed by Senior Administration staff, the community, his supporters and staff.

Mr. Lau said he was only following the court orders to resume office pending a review into the NEC decision to terminate him in February.

Landowners from the Bel region of Madang Urban Local Level Government showed their confidence and support in Lau. Andrew Mapio on behalf of all the ‘asples papa graun’ performed a customary gesture in welcoming Lau by sharing a bunch of betel nut with the hierarchy of the Madang Provincial administrations, which includes staff from  the Governor office, deputy governor and deputy administrator.

Mapio said as landowners, they are tired of the political infighting that has been going on and would like to see both the governor and administrator work together to bring tangible development to the province.

Women representative and a member of the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ Margarette Stephen, also called on the governor to put aside any differences and to come down and work with Frank Lau. With the PMIZ project set to start, Mrs. Stephen wants to see the two provincial heads working together to ensure that Madang people benefit from this project.

Raicoast man Emil Gamog shared similar views, strongly calling on the Pariwa to stop the political rivalry which he says is badly affecting the progress of the province.

Human Rights advocate Stephen Asivo joined the call for all parties to respect the rule of law, take heed of the court order and allow Lau to continue on from where left.

Frank Lau admitted that there were many issues that needed urgent attention, especially the administrative affairs and service delivery and is called on the Pariwa to at least give him the benefit of the doubt and work with him for a year before coming up with conclusions of incapability.

Mr. Lau wants Cash Fund Certificates (CFCs) to be released so that funding can be released for urgent work to commence.

He also called for police not to be weaponized and to remain neutral in this situation whilst complying to the court order that is in place.

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